Reprinted verbatim from Guitar, December 1992.
by Andy Aledort

  Following the 43 seconds of storm sounds, the heavy opening
guitar figure enters, played in unison by three guitars.  This
figure is based on A Dorian (A,B,C,D,E,F#,G).  Most of the guitar
parts in this song are arranged here for one guitar, with the
exception of the bridge and guitar solo sections where the guitar
play in sikmilar patterns but with slight differences, and marked
differences in tone.
  John Christ's guitar solo is simple and melodic, based for the
most part on A Pentatonic minor (A,C,D,E,G), with the A Blues scale
thrown in for the last lick.  His tone is big -- overdriven but not
too distorted -- with a bit of bite.  Notice also the use of fast
amp tremolo on both guitars during the bridge sections.  This song
could be played effectively in a one- or two-guitar group.