Now here's an album that surprised the 
hell out of me.  The Misfits rocked.  
Samhain was a killer band.  The first two 
Danzig records were damn good.  But 
lately, the new man in black has fallen 
off.  I can't for the life of me remember a 
song off of Danzig 3, and Danzig 4's only 
saving grace was the single "Can't 
Sleep," but with blackacidevil, Glenn 
shows the world that he, like most 
artists, was just having a temporary 
slump.  blackacidevil is Danzig's foray into 
dark electronics, and he shows that he 
has affinity for sequencers, drum 
machines and vocal distortion.  Some 
might criticize the album for being overly 
influenced by groups like NIN, but 
who doing this sort of stuff isn't nowadays?  
Glenn take a different path than 
Trent Reznor, however, and comes up 
with something while worlds away, 
still does the Danzig name proud.