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ALLOY #1, 1996

Eerie Von---Feeling Uneasy

EV is a great guy, what can I say?  Recently I had the opportunity to e-mail
him some questions and I appreciate his replies.

Why did you and Glenn part ways after so long?

i split from glenn becuase i had grown tired of the whole thing. wanted to
do something else. i learned a lot and it was time to go. I'm still friends
witht he guys in danzig and all the members from all the bands past.

Do you know what's going on with the Samhain box set?

don't knwo what's up with the samhain boxset.

Why'd you do the liner notes for the Misfits box set?  Was this something
you had been looking to do, or did you stumble upon it?

caroline asked me to do the liner notes for the misfits boxset out of the
blue. i agreed and i was the logical choice and both jerry and glenn had no
problem with it.

You have a new band called Bighouse, tell us a little about it.

the new band i'm doing is called bighouse (right now), and we are doing
shows and writing songs. other guys in the band are rick dittamo (guitar)
and rich russo (drums). i'm singing and playing bass. it's blues/rock kind
of thing. i've been writing songs for about 3 or 4 years.

How did Uneasy Listening come about?  It's very eerie sounding, yet
incredibly cool.  Is that you singing on "Half A Gurl"?  And, the opening
track is really creep sounding, what kind of instrument is that?  A
harpsichord or keyboard?

uneasy listening came about very easily. i ask mike if he was interested in
doing it and it only took a couple of sessions. i knew there were people out
there that wanted to hear more of this type of music. mike's singing on
half a gurl. i knew everyone would expect me to sing so i didn't. the
instrument on the 1st track is a harpsichord.

How did you get the nickname Eerie, unless that is your real name?

started calling myself eerie in high school around age 15. everybody had a
punk rock name at that time.

Is it true you're a big Elvis fan and not Glenn after all?

yes, i'm the big elvis fan. glenn likes to make fun of elvis.

What other bands are you into?

bands that i like are allman bros, stones, doors, ccr, and guys like stevie
ray vaughn, johnny winter, muddy waters, howlin wolf, and elvis of course.
new bands i listen to are soundgarden, white zombie, alice in chains, nin,
type o neg.

Do you ever get recognized on the street?

i'd get recognized from time to time when i live in la, but not much in
jersey. plus, i look a lot different than i used to.

For all the techies out there, what kind of basses do you use?

i play fender jazz basses only.

Did you have any lessons, other than by Glenn?

never had any lessons and that includes glenn. he taught me the songs in the
beginning by pointing to the notes on the bass.

Is there anything you'd like to add?

anyone who's interested can write to me at po box 9215 lyndhurst nj 07071
(include sase if you want a reply). my hotline # is 201 939 1267.