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Circus, Spring 1990

By Del James

DANZIG: Danzig
(Def American Home Video)
   Demons, the dark side of human nature, sex and Satanism--sounds like fun 
stuff you'd find in your local video store under the topic-heading HORROR, 
right? Not! It's the latest long-form music-video release from the reigning 
power-chord masters o' disaster, Danzig.
   The 40-minute video features material from the first Danzig LP. 
Cinematically brought to life is the controversial, uncut "Mother" video, 
which MTV insisted be trimmed to a mere shell of its former self. This 
version is a must-see for any hardcore Danzig disciple. "Am I Demon," in 
eerie black and white, could be "Mother Part II." Also found on this video 
are "Twist of Cain," the sex-seared "She Rides," rare backstage footage, and 
in-depth, candid interviews. Just as in his powerful music, Glenn Danzig pulls 
no punches when addressing issues like religion, music and aggression.
   When you slip the video into the VCR, clear the room of anyone with a 
weak stomach (or ears). Overall, the Danzig video provides plenty of dark 
entertainment for those who wish to tread there. You know who you are....