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CLYDE 1 RADIO, September 3, 1992

Interview with Tom Russel.

TR:Talking about the Barrowlands a week or so back was a big gig there
   with Glenn Danzig, and the band Danzig played there after originally
   being booked into the Mayfair. We recorded an interview with Glenn
   and we asked him firstly why the change of venue?

GD:The Mayfair we couldn't get our equipment truck round the back and we
   couldn't perform on the stage- it was too small; we couldn't get get
   our amps in and we couldn't get our lighting rig in. It was just...
   Whoever booked us into the Mayfair didn't really think very well in
   advance- it was too small. Because we moved to the Barrowlands we
   were able to let a lot more people that was good.

TR:I would have thought that was the sort of thing which should have
   been arranged weeks in advance rather than on the afternoon of the

GD:Me too!!!

TR:Let's take a break now Glenn and have a listen to one of the tracks
   off the new album. This is in fact the opening track and we'll talk 
   talk about it afterwards if that's O.K.- Godless...


TR:Danzig- from the third album- that's the opening track- Godless.
   Glenn Danzig: singer, producer, writer of the track is our guest
   on Clyde 1 tonight

GD:You forgot killer!!!

TR:Serial killer?(!!)


TR:There's a guy called bible John that I'd like you to read about!

GD:Yeah, O.K.!

TR:Godless, em..."Spread your tentacles of hate around my life"..
   Deep sort of subject.

GD:That's basically the smothering feeling, of whatever religeon is..
   just trying to smother the life out of you with their hippocracy or
   whatever...Basically Godless is about the frustration I see that a
   lot of people in America or even here in Europe are having with
   arranged religeon- especially with Christianity and maybe even the
   Muslim religeons.

TR:You were brought up as a Christian?

GD:Yeah, my dad is Protestant and my mom is a Catholic.

TR:And at some stage in your upbringing you...

GD:No, i wasn't brought up real strict Christian at all. There was no
   forcing religeon down my throat or anything like that. Early on it 
   was quite clear that of course my mom being Catholic would like for
   us to always go to church and stuff...but my dad really didn't, you
   know, didn't really long as we had an early religeous 
   education that's all I think that mattered to him.

TR:So in that's not so much Christianity that you're singing 
   against or writing's more Jimmy Swaggert type of thing?

GD:Well, that's Christianity. The Baptists are Christians just like the 
   Catholics are. I think the Baptists and the Christians are the main
   culprits...I mean it's clearly about more than just that, but I think
   also the Muslims are starting to get very oppressive with their
   people, but it seems like the people don't mind so much in Muslim
   religeon whereas I think a lot of people in the Christian religeons
   do mind- they're not happy...I mean there are a lot of atheists in
   America now- I don't know about here in Europe.

TR:Are you an atheist?

GD:No. I don't know if what I believe in you could call God...because I
   also believe in myself very strongly too, so...I wouldn't say that my
   beliefs are traditional at all...very far from it.


TR:That's the debut single from's taken them three albums to
   get it out. It's called Dirty Black Summer, it's from Danzig 3- How 
   the Gods Kill. Glenn is our guest on Clyde tonight...
   I was reading somewhere in one of your interviews in one of the
   magazines where Hitler was mentioned and something that I wasn't
   aware of, you suggest that Hitler was actually a Satanist. Is that 
   documented, is that true?


TR:I didn't know that!!!

GD:Well not so much a Satanist as very into the occult...and the Spear
   of Destiny which Hitler was supposed to have owned and he sent lots
   of missions...

TR:(Interupts)What's the spear of destiny? Sorry...

GD:The spear that pierced the side of Christ while he was on the cross.
   Its' supposed to have magical powers...whoever held it would able
   to fulfil any kind of destiny they want and would become very
   powerful. Hitler regularly sent out expeditions to find these occult
   artefacts and in the beginning of Hitler's reign he had a group
   that was called the Lords of the Left Hand... and then there was a
   guy named Haushofer who was his spiritualist who he could collaborate
   with, and this guy basically devised his war plans for him and when
   to attack...when the right time to attack was, how to approach
   things of this nature... and even more detailed I have a book called
   "The Occult Roots of Nazism" which explains all this. Eventually, I
   would say early to mid-on in the Nazi campaign, lots of people in
   Hitler's organisation were very jealous of other people who had power
   with Hitler, and turned Hitler against these people- one of these
   people being Haushofer, another one was Rommel- people in the third
   Reich were jealous of these people and the frienship they had and
   the trust that Hitler had with these people...and so people in the 
   Third Reich turned Hitler against these people which eventually
   led to his downfall...and the two main people are Haushofer, his
   occultist guy...once this guy was gone, their campaign started to...
   become disasterous and also losing Rommel was a big, big, big 
   disaster for him.


TR:When you were a boy- we talked about your reading- but on a lighter
   note, when you were a wee boy what were you buying albums-wise, or
   stealing? Black Sabbath albums? Deep Purple albums?

GD:Black Sabbath was the first band I saw live. Yeah, they were not as
   good as on record but they were still good- it was with Ozzy, you
   know, so it was still Black Sabbath. To me Black Sabbath without Ozzy
   is not Black Sabbath- it's just not. And so, yeah bands like that...
   I've always like Elvis, even when I was a little kid, his voice you
   know...of course, he's put a lot of crap albums out, but he's done
   a lot of good work too, so...

TR:An era of Glenn Danzig that I certainly wasn't into...I was never a
   punk, personally. There were some punks there at the Barrowlands on
   Friday night...
GD:The Misfits and Samhain never had just a punk audience. Especially
   Samhain...Samhain was a very like grungey, kind of was
   a cross between punk and metal- both bands. Samhain actually more
   like a death kind of metal and punk know. And Danzig
   now, just even more.

TR:One question just to finush it Glenn,and that's about the occult and
   young people- would you warn young people about getting involve in
   the occult?

GD:As opposed to getting involved in a religeon that would want you
   to...? No, i wouldn't...whatever they want to get involved in is
   their business and it's nobody else's business. As with any religeon,
   Catholic, or Satanic or whatever religeon they get invoved in, you
   know, the Muslim religeon, whatever...use your head.

TR:Glenn Danzig- thanks for talking to us tonight on Clyde and all the 

GD:You too, take care.