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last updated 8/31/95 -some major changes due to recent upheaval!  I will 
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In this FAQ I've tried to address the most frequently asked questions as 
well as
give some information on the band and a discography of all legitimate
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Special thanks go out to Glenn Danzig and Eerie Von for helping me out in 
answering some of these FAQ's for me!

 -Elizabeth Bouras
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What's this about a split?

On July 5th 1995 John Christ and Eerie Von terminated their contracts with 
Danzig and left the band.

John Christ is currently writing songs for a solo album, doing some guitar 
clinics for Ibanez, freelance writing for RIP magazine (see "Ozzy meets 
Christ" in October issue") and doing studio work for film composers in Los 
Angeles as well as fielding offers from other bands.

Eerie Von is working on his new blues band in New Jersey playing bass and 
handling the vocals with guitar by long-time Danzig soundman Rick Dittamo.

Glenn will be going into the studio on August 24th to begin work on a new 
Danzig album with Joey Castillo; Glenn will be playing guitar, bass and 
probably keboards on this album.  It will be released in the spring and 
accopmpanied by a major tour; there is also a possibility (according to 
Glenn) of a late fall tour with White Zombie on the west coast with new 
musicians to play live.  And yes, the band will still be called "Danzig".

Joey may also be playing on the upcoming Sugartooth album and I have heard 
that Chuck Biscuits has a new band.

How can I reach....

There is a hot line number that you can call for information; the
phone number is (213) 489-6164 and the cost of the call  is the price
of a regular phone call to Los Angeles.  You can  leave messages
on their voice mail.

You can  write Eerie Von and John Christ at Eerie's post office box
(Eerie will forward letters to John):

Eerie Von
PO Box 9215
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

Please send a self addressed stamped envelope if you would like a reply.

You can write to Glenn Danzig and Joey Castillo at:

c/o Big FD Management
10801 National Boulevard Suite 530
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Why did Chuck leave?

According to an interview with Glenn in the October 14, 1994 issue of
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, "He opted to leave the band on the Metallica
tour,"  insists Danzig, claiming that Biscuits refused to sign both
an employment  contract and a no drug contract. "Our problems with
Chuck getting his life  together go back over two years....the band
was tired of being his nanny."

Biscuits suffered from drug problems; his brother Kenneth Montgomery,
better  known as "Dim Wit" (a member of punk band D.O.A. and later
drummer for the Four Horsemen as well as one time Danzig roadie)
O.D.'d on heroin in late 1994.  (The Verotik published "Alphabet of
Murder" book is dedicated to the memory of Dim Wit.)
Who is the new drummer?

The new drummer is JOEY CASTILLO, formerly of SUGARTOOTH and WASTED YOUTH. 
 His first show playing live with Danzig was their free gig at the  Whiskey 
in Los Angeles, CA on 10/4/94 to promote the release of "4p".  The  first 
video he has appeared in was "Cantspeak", followed by "I  Don't Mind the 
Pain".  To  date he has not played on any Danzig  studio releases.
What does "4p" mean?

"The Four P movement is an alleged Satanic cult operating throughout
the  United States. An offshoot of the notorious Process Church of
the Final  Judgment, the Four P movement takes it's name from the
Process' original  sigil: a swastika like form composed of four
interlocking Ps. The Four P  movement was supposedly begun in 1967,
and has been connected to a number of  ritual killings across the
country, including the Son of Sam killings in New York and the Manson
Family in California."

What are the symbols on the cover of fourth album?

The symbols on the new Danzig album do indeed spell out "Danzig". The
 alphabet is a secret alphabet from Medieval Germany from the
Vehmgericht (a  secret tribunal group). The whole alphabet is
illustrated in a book called "Magical Alphabets" by Nigel Pennick
published by Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1992.
What's the hidden track on "4p" called?

Track #66 is called "Invocation" according to an interview with Glenn
in the  August 1994 issue of METAL HAMMER magazine.

What is the meaning of "777"

According to the British magician Aliester Crowley in his book "Gematria" on 
the magical correspondences of numbers, "777" corresponds to the flaming 
sword wielded by the angel that drove Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden 
after they committed the original sin.

What about Glenn's comic book company?

In 1994 Glenn founded "VEROTIK" -  the name comes from a merging of
"violent" and "erotic" and he intends to publish the best in mature
audience  erotic horror.  Their managing editor is Stephen Wardlaw
(formerly with Tundra and Kitchen Sink) who recently replaced Hart Fisher.

To date they have published:

"Illustrations Arcanum"; large trade paperback book of pencil
illustrations  by Frank Frazetta (Frazetta's first new published work
in quite some time, a  real coup for a new publishing company!)

"Phantom Lady"; trade paperback book reprinting this rare "good girl"
comic from the 1950's with new cover art by Adam Hughes ($9.95)

"Alphabet of Murder" by Bad Otis Link; alphabet of famous killers by
one of  the artists who brought you the Cannibal Art Trading cards
(and recipes)  along with Rob Zombie and Chuck Biscuits ($4.95)

"Verotika #1, 2, 3,4";  bi monthly horror anthology comic ($2.95)   Issue #1 
contained 2 stories - "Obscenity" written by Glenn Danzig and illustrated by 
Simon Bisley which is the origin story for "Satanika".   Also  included was 
a comic adaptation of the short story "the Braille Encyclopedia" by Grant 
Morrison (which originally appeared in prose form in the horror anthology 
"Hotter Blood")  Issue #2 contained "The Room Where Love Lies" by Grant 
Morrison illustrated by Kim Hagen, as well as an adaptation of "Box 69" by 
Rex Miller.  Issue #3 contains a story by Jae ("Hellshock") Lee and an 
adaptation of the story "Demon Lover" by Nancy Collins illustrated by 
Esteban Moroto.  Issue #4 contains a Nancy Collins story and one by Hart 
Fisher with cover by Martin Emund.

Satanika #1, 2, 3  ($2.95) - ongoing series about a half human, half demon 
girl written by Glenn Danzig and illustrated by Duke Mighten.  Covers on 
issues #1 and 2 by Simon Bisley, #3 by Martin Emund.  (The first 3 issues 
will be collected in a trade paperback later this year)

Jaguar God #1 ($2.95) - ongoing series based on South American folklore; 
written by Glenn Danzig with interior artwork by Frank Teran.  Covers by 
Frank Frazetta.

Death Dealer #1 ($5.95) - ongoing series based on the famous Frazetta 
character, written by Danzig with interior art by Simon Bisley, covers by 
Frank Frazetta.

Devilman #1  written and illustrated by Go Nagai (1st US publication of 
famous manga in Japan for MANY years that inspired a TV series and two made 
for video movies).  There are two editions of #1 - a special "San Diego 
Comic Con" edition ($4.95) with a full color fold out cardstock cover and a 
regular edition ($2.95) with a black and red cover.

Due in the future will be:

"Igrat" mini series based on Satanika's opponent

"GOTH" (Government Operative Total Hate) Mini series about a secret 
experiment to create a super human gone way wrong...

"Sunglasses After Dark" adaprtation of "Sonja Blue" vampire novels by Nancy 
Collins  (A special San Diego only ashcan of this was sold at the 1995 San 
Diego Comic Con)

Other future series will include a "Vampire Hunter D" series based on
the Japanime OVA (this will be new stories, not just an adaptaion)

They will also be releasing a series of resin model kits based on Verotik 
characters.  Now available are "super deformed" small resins of Satanika and 
Dalkiel.  Out later this year will be a large piece of Satanika and Dalkiel 
sculpted from the Bisley cover to Satanika #1, and a piece of Dalkiel 
sculpted after the opening splash page by Bisley in Verotika #1.

 If you want these comics it's best to special order them in advance
from your local comic shop since so many comic stores don't carry
much in the way of indies as they are too busy catering to Marvel &
Image zombies.  If your comic store carries PREVIEWS or ADVANCE
comics (which are basically large  order books) you will find
listings of everything Verotik publishes solicited through there but
you will have to order several months in advance!

You can also order direct by mail from Verotik.  In the past they had a lot 
of trouble in filling mail orders (I'm waiting on a T shirt order from 5 
months ago...)  but according to new editor in chief Stephen Wardlaw whom I 
spoke to at the San Diego Comic Con inJuly they are working on filling the 
orders left by the previous administration.

11684 Ventura Blvd, Suite 798
Studio City, CA 91604


What's up with the Samhain Box set?

This is due out in the future but there is no release date set yet. 
 According to Glenn he has been working with Eerie Von & Steve Zing on this 
and Steve dug up a lot of photos & some good quality live tapes, so the 
boxed set will contain two live Samhain CD's!  There will also be a sizable 
fold out booklet with unpublished photos (Eerie Von has been in the darkroom 
again and recently sent Glenn some more photos for it) and all of the lyrics 
including the ones to Unholy Passion and Final Descent.


What's happened to Plan 9?

Plan 9 records is no longer - Glenn is putting together a new label which 
will becalled "Evilive" - the Samhain box set will be put out on Evilive and 
Glenn may be signing other artists to his label as well.

Will Glenn play Wolverine in the  "X-Men" movie?

Glenn was sent a script for this but according to an e-mail message I 
receieved on this from American Records he has turned this project down,

What's the tattoo on Glenn's back?

The tattoo on Glenn's back (visible in the video to "She Rides") is
the logo of the Japanese manga (comic book) "Devilman" by Go Nagai.
(There are also two small Devilman heads worked into either side of
the tattoo on his arm.   Glenn Danzig's tattoos were done by Rick
Spellman of Anaheim, CA (who also did the one on Eerie Von as well as
all of Henry Rollin's).
Will there be any more releases like "Black Aria"?

According to Glenn there will be a soundtrack album for "Death
Dealer" sometime in the future.  ("Death Dealer" is a forthcoming
comic from Glenn's publishing company  Verotik based on the famous
Frank Frazetta character - it will be drawn by Simon Bisley with
covers by Frazetta)
What are the lyrics to the new songs on "Thrall"?

"Thralldemonsweat live" is the only Danzig release that was not
issued with a lyric sheet.  However, the lyrics did appear in the
press release and are as follows:

     God and life
     They don't come free
     Crown of thorns
     Strung thru their teeth

     It's Coming Down

     Sin and sweat
     They taste so sweet
     Comes the rush
     An angel screams

     It's coming down
     I'm on fire and I need a hole
     It's coming down

     Love and death
     they don't come free
     Crown and thorns
     To make you bleed

     It's coming down
     I'm on fire and I need a hole
     It's coming down

     Did you know
     I would come if you spoke my name
     Did you lie
     When you said you needed the cool
     Of the night
     To caress your deepest thoughts    
     I can hear
     All the darkest things you fear

     I'm gonna make it easy

     Did you smile
     As I wandered in the black
     Of your eyes
     Now I live among the things
     That we see
     And the darkest things you fear

     I'm gonna make it easy

     Violet Fire
     Cold in your arms
     Kiss me
     Violet fire

     If you're looking for trouble
     You came to the right place
     If you're looking for trouble
     Just stare in this face
     I was born looking out
     From my mama's sack
     My daddy was the
     Demon Werewolf Jack

     Because I'm evil
     My middle name is misery
     Said I'm evil child
     Don't you mess around with me

     Never look for trouble
     And I never am
     I don't take no orders
     From no kinda man
     I'm only made of
     Flesh and blood
     But if you're looking on
     Some trouble
     Why don't you try it on your own

     Because I'm evil
     My middle name is misery
     Said I'm evil child
     And don't you mess around
     With me

(For all Misfits and Samhain lyrics, see Mark Kennedy's web page listed 


b. 6/23/5?
Co-founded Lodi NJ based punk band THE MISFITS in 1977 with bassist
Jerry Only; recorded series of now highly sought after 7" singles on
their own labels Blank records and Plan 9.  First Misfits album "Walk
Among Us" issued in 1982 on Ruby/Slash, followed by "Earth AD" on
Plan 9 in 1983.  (All other Misfits albums issued after  break up of
band)  The final Misfits show was 10/29/83 in Detroit.  Following the
breakup of the Misfits Glenn formed SAMHAIN with Misfits photographer
and sometimes roadie Eerie Von.  SAMHAIN  evolved into DANZIG in 1987
when signed to Rick Rubin's fledgling Def American (later just
American) label.  Besides his work with these bands Glenn has also
issued the 1981 solo 7 "Who Killed Marilyn", a track on the 1987
soundtrack to the movie "Less than Zero" and in 1990 the  hauntingly
beautiful classical album "Black Aria".  In 1994 he founded the
comics company Verotik, dedicated to publishing the finest in adult
oriented comics in the genre of erotic horror.

EERIE VON (Bassist for Samhain 1984-1987, Danzig 1988-1995)
b. 8/25/64
(this write up from the press kit to "Thrall-Demonsweatlive")

"Eerie Von, Danzig's bassist and master of understatement, says of
himself, "I was never a quiet person."  Danzig fans are already well
aware of Von's tornado-force energy on stage.  Perhaps it stems from
his contentment playing with a band he strongly believes in.  A New
Jersey native and professional photographer at the time, Eerie met
Glenn Danzig in the early '80's during a photo session he did with
the singer.  Eerie had been a long time Misfits fan, and as a punk
drummer himself (for NJ based band Rosemary's Babies  - EVB), he
particularly admired Glenn's artistry.  Eerie and Glenn struck up a
fast friendship, and later Von was asked to join Glenn's new band,
Samhain.  "He thought I was too much of a showman to sit behind a
drum kit, so I took up the bass."

"With Samhain, Eerie perfected his signature rapid-eighth-note style
of playing.  In 1987, when Danzig was formed, Eerie remained on
board.  Subsequent years have been spent building an ever-expanding
fanbase, but doing so strictly on Danzig's own terms.  "We won't
compromise," he says.  "If we simply wanted to 'make it', we wouldn't
be in this band."

"Despite the rigors, Eerie has never lost sight of his own
dedication.   "When I get up on stage," he notes, "the feeling is the
same as when we  started."  Eerie Von plays a Fender Jazz bass, Ampeg
heads, SVT cabinets,  D'Adario strings, and heavy picks."

JOHN CHRIST (Guitarist to 1995)
b. 2/19/65
(this write up from the press kit to "Thrall-Demonsweatlive")

"Admirers of Danzig's music owe a debt of gratitude to guitarist John
 Christ.  Not only does he bring to the band his customary
over-the-top rock  and roll chops, but his extensive classical and
jazz background gives  Danzig's music a flair and subtlety few others
can match.  But you won't get  any self-congratulation out of this
soft spoken Baltimore native; only the  same fierce determination he
shares with his band-mates to achieve success  on his own terms.

"Growing up in a musical family, John played trumpet and french horn
as a  kid, and later picked up the guitar, performing with folk
groups.  But that  all changed in one blinding moment.  "The first
time I heard "Cat Scratch  Fever" by Ted Nugent, I knew I wanted to
do that as a career."  In the  meantime he attended the prestigious
Peabody Prep in Baltimore, studying classical guitar.  He later
attended the Towson State University studying jazz bass, theory and
composition.  On the side he played guitars in local rock bands.  The
two sides of his musical personality pulled at each other until one
day, they snapped.

"In January 1987, John auditioned for the new band Glenn Danzig was
forming.   "I hadn't head anything that heavy before," he recalls.
"It was fast down  strumming, and gave me serious cramps.  I was
determined to do it."  His campaign to join Danzig didn't stop with
the audition.  He left dazzling guitar solos on Glenn's answering
machine until he was finally asked to join the  band.  Though he
looks forward to someday working again in the classical and jazz
fields, he is no less enthusiastic about his role with Danzig, and he
remains happy helping Glenn realize his vision.  "When he's trying to
pull something out of me musically, and I'm able to give it to him,
that's satisfying."

"John Christ plays late '70's model B.C. Rich guitars with Kahler
tremelos, VhT "Pit Bull" amps, Marshall cabinets, Rocktron
Intelliverb, Rocktron patchmate, VhT Power amp, and a MIDI pedal

CHUCK BISCUITS (drummer from 1988-summer 1994)
b. 4/7/65
(this write up from the press kit to "Thrall-Demonsweatlive")

"Chuck Biscuits left home at age 12 to play drums for the seminal
Vancouver-based punk band D.O.A.  Today he is an avid collector of
vintage breakfast cereals (among them an original unopened box of
Quisp, circa 1965).  Could there be a connection?  While others may
wish to probe the psychology of Mr. Biscuits, music fans are far more
content letting his drumming do all the explaining.  Chuck is one of
the most muscular and fearless drummers in rock n/ roll, and his
presence in Danzig is truly a defining feature of the band's
trademark sound.

"Part of that comes from experience.  In addition to his early teen
years  with D.O.A., a move to Los Angeles found Chuck working with
other creme de la creme punk outfits like Black Flag, the Circle
Jerks, Fear and the Weirdos.  After several tours of duty with bands
like these, it's no wonder Chuck eventually felt burned out enough to
call it quits, but as he packed his bags to return to Canada, a call
came from the east coast asking him to join Danzig.  "I was asked,
'What will it take to get you here', and I said,  'a plane ticket."
Chuck this became a cherished member of Danzig.

"A great part of the band's appeal for Chuck is working with Glenn.
"He seriously doesn't give a damn what anybody else thinks about what
he does," he notes.  "He's the only musician I know as committed to
his ideas, and it scares people when they first encounter it."  Of
all his previous band experiences, he is proudest of his body of work
with Danzig.  "On the first record, we weren't so sure within
ourselves what we were doing as a band, but now, there's no doubt."
Like his bandmates, Chuck is resolute about Danzig's refusal to
compromise.  But that only makes success that much sweeter.

"Chuck Biscuits plays a '70's-era refitted Ludwig kit, Tama hardware,
and Zildjian Earthride cymbals."

JOEY CASTILLO (drummer from Sept. 1994 onwards)
b. 3/30/66
Former drummer of LA based Punk band WASTED YOUTH and SUGARTOOTH,
Joey joined Danzig in September of 1994 to replace Chuck Biscuits.
His first live show with Danzig was at their free show at the Whiskey
in Los Angeles on October 4, 1994 to promote the release date of
"4p". .  (I have no other biographical date as yet - can anybody

     Last updated 8/29/95 (minor additions)
please send any comments or suggestions to Elizabeth Bouras at:

All releases are US unless noted otherwise.

"Danzig"  album, released 8/30/88 (the first release on Rick Rubin's
Def American label) Tracks: Twist of Cain, Not of this World, She
Rides, Soul on Fire, Am I Demon, Mother, Possession, End of Time, The
Hunter, Evil Thing. Produced by Rick Rubin, Def American Records
1988, vinyl, cassette and CD.   Vinyl LP Issued with gatefold sleeve.
 "The Hunter" is based on an old blues song by Albert King.  James
Hetfield of Metallica sings uncredited back up vocals on "Twist of
Cain".  Def American # 7599 24208-1/2/4 (US); 838 487-1/2/4 (UK)

 "Danzig" promo CD of album released on picture CD with LP cover. Def
American # 24208-01,  1988

"Mother" Promo only CD; Def American # PRO-CD 3264, 1988

"Selections from Lucifuge" Advance Cassette (5 tracks: Her Black
Wings, Killer Wolf, I'm The One, Blood and Tears, Devil's Plaything)

"Selections from Lucifuge"  Advance Cassette (2 tracks: Her Black Wings, 

"Lucifuge" album, released 6/26/90, Produced by Rick Rubin.  Tracks:
Long Way Back From Hell, Snakes of Christ, Killer Wolf, Tired of
Being Alive, I'm  The One, Her Black Wings, Devil's Plaything, 777,
Blood And Tears, Girl, Pain In the World.  Def American, issued on
LP, CD and cassette.  CD booklet unfolds into an inverted cross shape
.  Def American # 7599 24281 -1/2/4 (US); 846 375-1/2/4 (UK)

"Her Black Wings" promo only CD single; Def American # PRO-CD 4121, 1990

"Her Black Wings" promo only 12"; Def American # DEFAM 912, 1990

"Her Black Wings/Killer Wolf/Twist of Cain/Mother" UK promo only 12";
Def American, 1990

"Her Black Wings/777" cassette single; Def American, 1990

"Killer Wolf" promo only CD single; Def American # PRO-CD 4152, 1990

"A Taste of Danzig III"  US promo CD single in cardboard picture
sleeve with  H.R. Giger art, tracks: Left Hand Black, How the Gods
Kill, Godless, Do You Wear the Mark, Dirty Black Summer; Def American
# PRO-CD 5495, 1992

"A Taste of Danzig III"  US promo CD single in same cardboard picture
sleeve  as above with different tracks!  Tracks: How the Gods Kill,
Godless, Dirty Black Summer, Sistinas; Def American #PRO-CD 5495,

"How The Gods Kill"  US 4 track sampler (unlabeled without picture
sleeve with no printing on CD!  Otherwise identical to above sampler)

"How the Gods Kill" album, released 7/14/92, produced by Glenn
Danzig.  Tracks: Godless, Anything, Bodies, How the Gods Kill, Dirty
Black Summer, Left Hand Black, Heart of the Devil, Sistinas, Do You
Wear the Mark, When the Dying Calls.  Cover art by H.R. Giger, early
pressings of CD also have Giger art printed on CD itself.  Def
American CD, also issued on cassette, 1992.  There is no US vinyl
release.  Def American # 7599 26914-2/4 (US); 314 512-270-1/2/4 (UK)

"How the Gods Kill"  UK only vinyl LP with gatefold sleeve, Def
American  # 314 512-1, 1992

"How the Gods Kill"   US limited edition boxed set with 3D relief
cover of Giger artwork with CD.  The CD has a different cover on it;
a photo of the band with a blue background as opposed to the H.R.
Giger cover art, and is marked "special limited edition".  Box also
contains "How The Gods Kill" uncensored video, Def American #
9362-45134-2, 1992

"Dirty Black Summer/When Death Had No Name"   UK promo 12"
in black sleeve, Def American # 1712, 1992

"Dirty Black Summer (album version)/When Death Had No Name
(unreleased)/ Bodies (album version)"   UK 12" in H.R. Giger picture
sleeve, Def American # 422 866-903-1/2, 1992

"Dirty Black Summer"  US Promo CD single; Def American # PRO-CD 5563, 1992

"Dirty Black Summer/When Death Had No Name"  German 7" single in
H.R. Giger picture sleeve, extremely rare with very limited release; this is 

the only legitimately released Danzig 7"!  Def American # 866-902-7, 1992

"Dirty Black Summer/Bodies/When Death Had No Name"  US CD single in
digipack  sleeve with Giger art; Def American # 9362-40544-2, 1992

"Dirty Black Summer/When Death Had No Name/Bodies"  UK CD single in
jewel case with Giger art; Def American #422 866-903-1/2, 1992

"How The Gods Kill"  US promo CD single; Def American, 1992

"Thralldemonsweatlive"  album, released 5/93: "Thrall"  Tracks that
are new studio recordings: It's Coming Down, The Violet Fire,
Trouble; "Demonsweatlive" Tracks recorded live 10/31/92 at Irvine
Meadows Auditorium,  Irvine CA: Snakes of Christ, Am I Demon,
Sistinas, Mother.  Cover art by Simon Bisley.  Later pressings add
"Mother '93" remix of Mother with live audience sounds added as a
secret bonus track.  "Trouble" is a cover of a song by Leiber and
Stoller originally recorded by Elvis Presley.   Def American #
9362-45286-2/4  (Note: both the original pressing and later pressings
with additional track have the same #'2!)  Also sold later as set
with US 5" "Mother" CD single - both CD's wrapped individually and
sold together; otherwise no difference in release info or #'s.

"Thralldemonsweatlive"  UK 12" Picture disc, picture of LP cover on
one side, photo of Glenn Danzig on the other side. Extremely limited
release, only vinyl version of this release.   American Recordings # 514 

"Thralldemonsweatlive"  UK & Australian CD Picture disc, picture of
LP cover  on disc.. Extremely limited release.  Both versions
identical except Australian release also has sticker on jewel case.
Def American # 314 518-058-2

"Mother ('93 remix)/ Mother (live version)"  US Remix promo CD.
Released fall 1993,  live version is actually studio version with
crowd noises added;  American Recordings # PRO-CD 6422, 1993

"Mother (93 remix)/Mother (live version) US Cassette single, Released
fall 1993, American Recordings # 5349-18256-4.  (Also released in Germany as
digital compact  cassette American Recordings # 5349-18256-4)

"Mother '94 ('93 remix)/ Mother (live version)";  UK CD single,
released 5/94. American Recordings # 422-858-589-2 (MOMCD1)

"Mother '94/Mother (live version)/How the Gods Kill (live
version)/When Death Had No Name" ;  UK Limited edition digipak CD
single, released 5/94.  Live version of "How the Gods Kill" was
recorded live 10/31/92 at Irvine Meadows.  American Recordings #
422-858-592-2 (MOMDD1)

"Mother '94/ Mother (live version)" ;  UK skull shaped picture Disc
single, released 5/94, American Recordings # 422-858-588-7 (MOM1)

"Mother '94/When Death Had No Name/Mother (live version)/Mother
(original)"  UK purple vinyl 12", released 5/94; American Recordings #
422-858-589-1 (MOMX1)

"Until You Call on the Dark" US Promo CD single, released 9/94,
American Recordings # PRO-CD 7083.

"4p" album, released 10/4/94.  Produced by Glenn Danzig and Rick
Rubin.  Tracks: Brand New God, Little Whip, Cantspeak, Going Down to
Die, Until You  Call on the Dark, Dominion, Bringer of Death,
Sadistikal, Son of the Morning  Star, I Don't Mind the Pain, Stalker
Song, Let it be Captured, Invocation.   Invocation is the unlisted
"hidden" track #66 at the end of the CD, tracks #13-65 are blank
tracks each 3 seconds in length.  Issued in CD (cardboard gatefold
sleeve without jewel case), vinyl LP with gatefold and cassette
formats.  Only the CD release has the hidden track #66 and lyric
insert. Cover artwork by Glenn Danzig, interior artwork by Michael W.
Kaluta.  American Recordings # 9362 45647-1/2/4.

"4p" - Reissued 2/95 in digipack format due to  problems encountered
when some stores refused to stock earlier packaging on the shelves.,
Digipack adds American recording's e-mail and WWW address on back of
sleeve.  American Recordings #9 43003-2.

"4p" -  UK vinyl album.  The import version of this differs to the US
in that the gatefold sleeve is blank inside (solid black), also back
cover contains WWW & e-mail addresses for American.

"Cantspeak" US Promo CD single, released 12/94, American Recordings.
Disc has American logo but does not say who band is or what track is.
 Issued in white vinyl slipcase with clear front.

"Cantspeak" ; album version + edit.  US Promo CD in cardboard picture
sleeve, released 12/94, American Recordings #PRO-CD-7159

"Cantspeak" German CD single in jewel case,  Tracks: Cantspeak (album
version), Cantspeak (Edit), Twist of Cain (live), Dirty Black Summer
(live).  Live tracks recorded at the Seattle Center Arena, December
19, 1994.  1995, American Recordings # 74321 25799 2.

"I Don't Mind the Pain" German CD single, Tracks: I don't Mind the Pain
(edit), Going Down to Die, Bringer of Death (live), Little Whip (live). 
tracks recorded at the Seattle Center Arena, December 19, 1994.  1995,
American Recordings #74321 28292 2

"I Don't Mind the Pain" US Promo single in cardboard sleeve, contains
edit plus album version. 1995, American Recordings # PRO-CD-7494


"High Voltage 2 Hour Heavy Metal radio Show"; 1990, 2 LP set issued
to radio  stations only.   Contains live recordings from 7/7/89 at
the Palace Theater, Hollywood, CA.  Broadcast 2/26/90 from Westwood
One.  High Voltage # HV 90-09

"WSOU CD Sampler #1"; 1990, WSOU 89.5 Pirate Radio sampler.  Contains
track her Black Wings.  The Hard Report, Inc # ?

"Til Def Do Us Part", 1990 , UK Def American sampler contains tracks
Long Way Back from Hell and I'm the One; Def American # 848 574-1/2/4

"High Voltage 2 Hour Heavy Metal Radio Show"; 1991, 2 LP set issued
to radio  stations only.  Contains live recordings from 11/19/90 at
Martkhalle, Hamburg, Germany.  Broadcast from Westwood One.  High
Voltage # ?

"The-Wanna-Be-Indie-But-We-Got-Too-Much-$-Sampler", 1992; contains
tracks Left Hand Black and Sistinas.  Def American

"Til Def Us Do Part II", 1993 Def American sampler, contains track
Sistinas.   Def American # 314 514 498-2

"Hard!", 1994 Generation X, Warner Special Products #JCD-3120
OPCD-1641.  Contains the Danzig track "Dirty Black Summer".


MOTHER -  Def American Promo Video, 1988

TWIST OF CAIN -  Def American Promo video, 1988

SHE RIDES -  Def American Promo video, 1989

DANZIG, released 2/13/90, Def American.  Contains videos for Am I
Demon, Twist of Cain, She Rides, When Death Had No Name and Mother
along with backstage footage and interview clips.  Directed by
Vincent Giordano. Def American # 7599 38159-3

HER BLACK WINGS -  Def American Promo video, 1990

KILLER WOLF -  Def American Promo video, 1990

LUCIFUGE, released 1991, Def American, Contains videos for Devil's
Plaything, Killer Wolf, I'm the One, and Her Black Wings as well as
clips of  each band member.  Comes with photo insert.  Produced by
Vincent Giordano.  Def American # 7599 38244-3

DIRTY BLACK SUMMER -  Def American Promo video, 1992

HOW THE GODS KILL -  Def American Promo video, 1992

IT'S COMING DOWN -  Def American Promo video, 1993.  There are
several different edits of this:  a completely censored version
broadcast on MTV, a slightly racier version broadcast on "The Box"
and the infamous X rated uncut version shown in clubs.  (Directed by
Jonathan Reiss who also did the equally notorious "Happiness In
Slavery" video for Nine Inch Nails)

MOTHER '93 -  Def American Promo video, 1993

SISTINAS -  American Promo video 1993 (shot but unreleased)

UNTIL YOU CALL ON THE DARK - American Promo video, 1994

CANTSPEAK -  American Promo video, 1994

I DON'T MIND THE PAIN - American Promo video, 1995


"Cough /Cool" 7"; Tracks: Cough/Cool,  She, released 1977, 500 copies
issued.  Blank Records was the original name of the bands' own label.
 After  this single the label's name was changed to "Plan 9" after
the Ed Wood classic "Plan 9 From Outer Space"  All further singles as
well as most albums were released on Plan 9.   Blank # 101

"Bullet" 7"; Tracks: Bullet, We Are 138, Attitude, Hollywood Babylon;
1979.  First pressing of 1000 black vinyl copies with folded sleeve
and lyric insert, ; back cover has photo of band + credits.  Second
pressing of 2000 copies on red vinyl w/ lyric insert with "better
dead on red" written on back of sleeve.  Third pressing of 7000 black
vinyl copies with same sleeve as second pressing.  Plan 9 # PL 1001

"Teenagers from Mars" 7" acetate; Tracks: Teenagers from Mars, Static
Age, 1978.  5 acetates pressed; master acetate has 2 small center
holes and the song "Teenagers from Mars" on both sides.  The other 4
acetates have one small center hole and the song "Static Age" on the
B side.  Completely black with no label and a white paper sleeve.
(According to Glenn Danzig a mock up sleeve was designed but never
printed up)

"Horror Business" 7"; Tracks: Horror Business, Teenagers from Mars,
Children  in Heat, 1979 - 5000 copies issue on yellow vinyl, 25 promo
copies pressed on black vinyl.  Some copies include an insert
detailing strange occurrences during recording session.
Approximately 100 copies were made with a different back sleeve
(group shot of band); the majority of these were destroyed as it was
a poor printing job; however approximately 15-20 survived and were
mostly given to members of the Necros.  These sleeves were never
released for sale or originally issued with records, all were
unfinished and never originally glued together.  A few copies also
exist on yellow vinyl with the "A" side label on both sides due to a
pressing error.  Plan 9 # PL 1009

"Night of the Living Dead"; 12"acetate, 1 copy known to exist, 1979

"Where Eagles Dare"; 12" acetate, 1 copy known to exist, 1979

"Night of the Living Dead" 7"; Tracks: Night of the Living Dead,
Where Eagles Dare, Ratt Fink;  2000 copies pressed on black vinyl.
Released October 31, 1979 when band sold copies at the door of the
Irving Plaza in NY  where they were performing that night.  Plan 9 #
PL 1011

"Beware" 12" EP; Tracks: We Are 138, Bullet, Hollywood Babylon,
Attitude. Horror Business, Teenagers from Mars, Last Caress.  1979,
Released only in the UK through Armageddon Records, distributed by
Spartan, Marketed by Cherry Red.  Plan 9 # PLP9

"Three Hits from Hell" 7" EP; songs:  London Dungeon/Horror Hotel/
Ghouls Night Out. Released April 1981; 1st pressing of 3000 black
vinyl copies with  grey label and large center hole,  7000 black
vinyl copies with orange label  and large center hole.  2nd pressing
of 400 black vinyl copies with red label and small center hole plus
400 pressed on white vinyl with red label and large center hole.
Black vinyl copies have red, black and white cover;  white vinyl
copies have a black and white cover.  Plan 9 # PL 1013

"Halloween" 7", Tracks: Halloween  I/Halloween II;  Released October
1981, 5,000 pressed, all on black vinyl, some copies include lyric
sheet on orange  paper.  A few test pressings exist with black and
white covers (normal issue has orange, black and white cover)  Plan 9
# PL 1017

"All Hell Breaks Loose/We Are 138", 7" acetate, 1 copy known to exist.
Live recordings later used on "Evilive".  1981.

"Walk Among Us" LP; Tracks: 20 eyes, I Turned into a Martian, All
Hell  Breaks Loose, Vampira, Nike a Go Go, Hate Breeders, Mommy, Can
I Go out and Kill Tonight? (live), Night of the Living Dead, Skulls,
Violent World, Devils Whorehouse, Astro Zombies, Braineaters;
Released 3/81, approximately  35,000 copies in first pressing with
pink sleeve and pink lettering, comes with fan club insert.  Press
release copies came with poster and band  biography.  2nd pressing
with purple cover and pink lettering, comes with  insert.   Ruby/Slah
# JRR804  3rd pressing Italian release (Expanded  Music: EX 32) with
pink cover, band listed as "the Misfit" on spine.

"Walk Among Us" LP; reissued 1988 with purple sleeve with green
lettering.   Warner Brothers WB 7599 25756-1/2/4.  Some copies were
sold in special  Misfits Halloween bags.  CD contains 1979 band
member photo!

"Evilive" EP; Tracks: 20 Eyes, Night of the Living Dead, Astro
Zombies,  Horror Business, London Dungeon, All Hell Breaks Loose, We
Are 138.   Live recordings from Nov/Dec 1981.  Released in 1982 in a
numbered limited  edition of 1000 copies to Fiend Club members with
yellow labels, inserts and  different covers to unnumbered copies.
3000 unnumbered copies made with  orange and yellow labels.  There
was also a special edition of 33 sets of 3 copies each with a
different cover featuring Jerry Only, Doyle or Glenn  Danzig.  The
covers to these are xeroxed and folded and all are numbered  1-33/33
and signed by Glenn Danzig.  Plan 9 # PL 1019

"Evilive" EP; Tracks: 20 Eyes, Night of the Living Dead, Astro
Zombies,  Horror Business, London Dungeon, All Hell Breaks Loose, We
Are 138 .  12" version of American 7" with different cover issued
only in Germany.   Aggressive Rock productions # AG 0023

"Earth A.D./Wolfsblood" LP; Tracks: Earth A.D., Queen Wasp, Devilock,
Death Comes Ripping, Green Hell, Wolf's Blood, Demonomania,
Bloodfeast, Hellhound  , 1983; First pressing included 100 on green
vinyl, 200 on yellow, 200 on purple, 200 on clear and 10,300 on
black. Many color variants also exist  that were produced from
between the colored vinyl pressings!  Plan 9 # PLP 9

"Earth A.D./Wolfsblood" LP ;Later pressings on Plan 9/Caroline have
darker  shade of purple ink on cover.  Version 1 Plan 9 logo replaces
address and Caroline address is added.  Version 2 has bar  code
added.  Caroline # 1704 51902-1

"Earth A.D./Wolfsblood" Released on limited gold CD  in 1991 with
"Die Die My Darling" tracks added.  Plan 9 PL-CD 02/3, Caroline #
1704-61923-2  "Wolfsblood" LP; Tracks: Earth A.D., Queen Wasp,
Devilock, Death Comes Ripping, Green Hell, Wolfsblood, Demonomania,
Bloodfeast, Hellhound, Die Die  My Darling, We Bite; 1983.  German
version of "Earth A.D./Wolf's Blood" LP  with added tracks released
only in Germany.  Cover is a variant of US LP;  front and back covers
are reversed and have been colored in.  Aggressive  Rock Productions
# AS 0024

"Wolfsblood/Earth A.D./Evilive" German only CD combines
Wolfsblood/Earth AD LP with Evilive.  Note: this is the only CD
release of "Evilive". 1991, Modern Music # AG 057-2

"Die Die My Darling" LP  Tracks:  Die Die My Darling,  We Bite, Mommy
Can I  Go Out and Kill Tonight , Released 5/84;  First pressing of
5000 black vinyl  copies, 500 issued on purple vinyl, 500 on white
vinyl.  (Note: some copies  have pink lettering on cover, others are
in purple - no information given on whether or not one is an earlier
pressing)  Cover art taken from the 1950's  Harvey horror comic
"CHAMBER OF CHILLS" #19!   Plan 9 PL9-03.  Later issues Caroline #

"Legacy of Brutality" LP;  Tracks: Angelfuck, Who Killed Marilyn,
Where Eagles Dare, She, Halloween, American Nightmares, Static Age,
TV Casualty, Hybrid Moments, Spinal Remains, Come Back, Some Kinda
Hate, Theme for a Jackal;  1986.  First pressing of 11,000 copies on
black vinyl,  500 on red,  500 on white, 16 on pink vinyl,  Plan 9 #
PL9-06.  Later issues Caroline #1704-61906-1/4.

"The Misfits" compilation LP, Tracks: She, Hollywood Babylon, Bullet,
Horror Business, Teenagers from Mars, Night of the Living Dead, Where
Eagles Dare,  Vampira, I Turned into a Martian, Skulls, London
Dungeon, Ghouls Night Out, Astro Zombies, Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill
Tonight?, Die Die My Darling, Earth AD, Devilock, death Comes
Ripping, Green Hell, Wolfsblood.  Originally issued only on CD, later
released on LP to counter rampant bootlegging.    Bootleg has black
and white cover, official issue has black, green & red cover.  Plan 9
# PL-09 (LP),  PL9-CD1 (CD), Later Caroline # 1704-61909-1/2/4.

"Evilive" LP; Tracks: 20 Eyes, Night of the Living Dead, Astro
Zombies,  Horror Business, London Dungeon, Nike a Go Go, Hate
Breeders, Devil's Whorehouse, All Hell Breaks Loose, Horror Hotel,
Ghoul's Night Out, We Are 138, 1987. Reissue of material on "Evilive"
7" with additional tracks and  different cover.  Regular issue on
black vinyl, also 2,000 pressed on green vinyl.  Cover art inspired
by the design of the movie poster for the movie "the Undead".  Plan 9
# PL9/08, Later issued as Caroline # 1704-61908-1/4

"Teenagers from Mars"  7" on Caroline records will be released on
September 19th, 1995 as a limited edition 7" limited to 10,000 copies
on four colors of vinyl as well as an unlimited CD single.

"Static Age" album to be release on Croline Records, Halloween 1995.

"Attitude" appears on the FLIPSIDE VINYL FANZINE Volume 2 compilation
LP Flipside/Casablanca # FSR 3, 1984);  some copies came with fold
out posters that included a Misfits  photo and article.  It also
appears on PARANOIA YOU  CAN DANCE TO (Flipside 1988) and the CD THE


"Who Killed Marilyn" 7"; Tracks: Who Killed Marilyn, Spook City USA
 - solo single issued while Glenn was in The Misfits) Released August
5, 1981 (on anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death)  Issued with 5000
copies on black vinyl, 500 on purple and 25 on swirled black and
purple vinyl.  Plan 9 # PL 1015

"Less than Zero" soundtrack LP, 1987; contains a song called "You and
Me (Less than Zero)" credited to "Glen [sic] Danzig and the Power and
the Fury Orchestra", co-written by Glenn Danzig and Rick Rubin.  The
same LP also contains a song ("Not Fade Away") co-written by Danzig &
Roy Orbison and sung by Orbison.  Def Jam/Columbia # 7464 44042-1/2/4

"Black Aria" LP; Tracks: overture of the rebel angels, conspiracy
dirge, battle for heaven, retreat and descent, dirge of defeat, and
the angels weep, shifter, the morrigu, cwn anwnn.  Solo album of
soundtrack music used at opening and closing of Danzig's live
performances as well as in the background of their "Lucifuge" home
video.  Cover art by Michael William Kaluta. Plan 9, 1992  CD
#PL9-CD 11; LP #PL9-11

(Band formed by Glenn Danzig following the breakup of the Misfits,
with Eerie Von on bass)

"Initium"  Tracks:  Initium, Samhain, Black Dream, All Murder All
Guts All Fun, Macabre, He Who Can Not Be Named, Horror Biz, The
Shift, The Howl, Archangel;  1984.   First 5000 copies on black vinyl
contain lyric insert, also  500 issued on red vinyl, 100 on  white,
50 black and white marbled and  unknown # on fuschia pink.  Plan 9 #

"Unholy Passion" EP; Tracks: Unholy Passion, All Hell, Moribund, The
Hungry End, I am Misery.   Issued first with tan cover, later with
dark maroon cover.  Some copies include photo collage insert.
Unknown # pressed on black vinyl, also 500 on red vinyl and 400 on
white vinyl.   Plan 9 # PLP/05

"November Coming Fire" LP; Tracks: Diablos 88, In My Grip, Mother of
Mercy, To Walk The Night, Birthright, Let the Day Begin, Halloween
II, November's Fire, Kiss of Steel, Unbridled, Human Pony Girl.
Regular issue on black vinyl, also 500 issued on orange colored
vinyl, some copies issued with lyric sheet..   Plan 9 # PL9-07.
Later issued on CD, November 1989 Plan 9 #  PL-CD07)

"Initium" CD; Tracks: Initium, Samhain, Black Dream, All Murder All
Guts All  Fun, Macabre, He Who Can Not Be Named, Horror Biz, The
Shift, The Howl, Archangel, Unholy Passion,  All Hell, Moribund, The
Hungry End, Misery's End, I Am Misery (different from vinyl release
in that it also includes re-recorded "Unholy Passion" tracks + l
additional) Plan 9 # PL9- CD2, 1988.   Later reissued without "Unholy
Passion" tracks after they were rereleased on "Final Descent", Plan 9

"Final Descent" CD; Tracks: Night Chill, Descent, Death...In it's
Arms, Lords of the Left Hand, The Birthing, Unholy Passion, All Hell,
Moribund, The Hungry End, Misery Tomb, I Am Misery.  5 previously
unreleased tracks as  well as the now deleted "Unholy Passion" cuts,
1990.   According to Glenn Danzig a vinyl LP release was at one time
planned and he has a mock up cover that was designed for it; however
it was never issued on this format.   Plan  9 # PL9-CD 10

(with Eerie Von on drums, later Bassist of Samhain and Danzig)

"Blood Lust" 7",  Tracks: Blood Lust, I'm Gonna Be Sick, Happy Song,
Inferior, Small Minds think Small, Talking to the Dead, Sanctioned
Violence,  Lets Molest, One Dead Low-Life, That's Alright; 1982.
1000 copies pressed on red vinyl with lettering on sleeve hand
colored (red) by Eerie.  Some copies have lyric sheets and flyers for
T shirts, others contained stickers.   Cover has a photo collage that
features members of the Misfits among others.   Ghastly Records #

(with Chuck Biscuits)

"The Prisoner" 7", 1978;  Tracks: The Prisoner, Thirteen.  Sudden
Death Records

"Disco Sucks" 7", 1978; Tracks: Disco Sucks, Nazi Training Camp,
Royal Police, Woke Up Screaming.  Sudden Death Records.

Also Chuck Biscuits appeared on these DOA releases: (no other info
available  on these):

Triumph of the Ignoroids, 1979 EP, Can. Friends
White Noise Tour, 1980 7" EP
Something Better Change, 1980 LP, Can. Friends
Positively DOA, 1981 7" EP
Hardcore '81,  1981 LP Can. Friends
War on 45, 1981 EP, English compilation

(with Joey Castillo)

"Sugartooth" LP, Tracks:  Sold My Fortune, Barrell, Cracks in the
Pavement, Tuesday Morning, In Need, Leave My Soul to Rest,
Third-day-To-Rest, Black Queen, Between the Illness, Shine Boy,
Sheffield Milestone, Gather Me/Ode, Sound of Her Laughter;  1994,
Geffen # DG24628-2/4

"Guitar's Practicing Musicians Volume III; Contains track "For
Christ's Sake" with Chuck Biscuits on drums.  1994, Guitar Recordings


"Life Fades Away" co-written by Danzig & Roy Orbison and sung by
Orbison appears on the "Less than Zero" soundtrack LP, 1987,  Def
Jam/Columbia # C44042

"Thirteen", written by Glenn Danzig appears on the album "Cash" by
Johnny Cash, American # 9362-45520-2/4, 1994


"Kinghorse" self titled LP , 1990  Tracks: Freeze, Caged, Lay Down
and Die, Brother Doubt, Greatest Gift, Red, Descend, As I Stand,
Razor, Too Far Gone,  Clayfist ; Caroline #1704-61615-1/2/4