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DEF AMERICAN Advertisement, Summer 1990



   First there was their self-titled quarter million-selling album, "...a 
disturbingly intense collection of songs written and honed by Glenn 
(Danzig)..." (Metal Edge). Now there is Danzig II - Lucifuge, a "...thicker 
and harder sound than the excellent debut" (Rip). Manic, intense, dark, 
haunting, compelling, seductive, hypnotic, unsettling, hard, brutal and 
inspired - all words used to describe Danzig. The final word though, comes 
from the fans: more.

On tour starting Aug. 1 with special guests Soundgarden.

Out Now: Danzig II - Lucifuge

Also available:
Danzig, The Debut Album

Danzig, The Home Video - completely uncensored videos of tracks from the 
debut album, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews (3-38159)

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