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Edmonton Journal, Sunday, March 26/2000   

Interviewer - Mike Ross

1.  What was the last movie you saw that you loved?
Glenn - "I hate pretty much everything I see.  Hmmm...oh, a Chinese move
called "The Dragon Warriors".

2.  What was the first album that you ever owned?
Glenn - "Blue Cheer."

3.  What was the last book you read?
Glenn - "Shocking Crimes of Post-War Japan"

4.  What's your favorite hangout?
Glenn - "Either my room or my tour bus."

5.  Do you have a pet peeve?
Glenn - "Hypocrisy."

6.  What's your idea of the perfect Sunday?
Glenn - " I like to do different stuff all the time, so the perfect
Sunday would be to do something that interested me every Sunday."

7.  What's your favorite junk food?
Glenn - "The $100,000 candy bar.  That. or a Zag-Nut."

8.  What are your vacation plans this year?
Glenn - "I don't get vacations.  But if I could, I'd probably go to

9.  What gadget or gizmo can you not live without?
Glenn - "Nothing.  I could live without any of that (stuff).  But what
would I miss?  Cable TV."

10.  Do you have a hobby or habit that you think would surprise people?
Glenn - "Nothing I do would surprise people."

11.  What's your favorite piece of clothing?
Glenn - "My leather jacket."

12.  What would you change about yourself if you could?
Glenn - "I wouldn't change anything.  Whatever is either perfect or
imperfect about me makes up what I am.  I wouldn't want to change any of
that, because I wouldn't be me.  I'd be someone else."

13.  Whom do you most admire?
Glenn - "Nobody."

14.  What is your greatest extravagance?
Glenn - "My comic book company and my band.  My work is my life.

15.  Have you ever been mistaken for another celebrity?
Glenn - "I've gotten John Travolta a couple of times.  That's pretty
strange.  And I've been mistaken for Glenn Danzig, too.  People will
say, "You look like Glenn Danzig."  And I'll go, "Really? Wow." "

16.  Do you have favorite quotation?
Glenn - "One of my old tour managers has this quote that would crack us
up on the tour bus all the time: "You pay peanuts, you get monkeys."

17.  What is your greatest weakness?
Glenn - "Candy"

18.  If you are reincarnated who or what will you be?
Glenn - "Don't even care.  Don't even think about it. (After much
pestering to play along): OK, I would come back as a massive comet and
destroy this world.  Good night, everybody."

19.  If you had to go back to live in another time, which one would you
Glenn - "I would go back to one minute before we started talking today.
Good answer?"

20.  What is your favorite horror move?
Glenn - "My favorite movie is "Beauty and the Beast" by Jean Cocteau.
It doesn't really qualify as a horror movie, although some people might
think it does.