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FACES, Summer 1991

"In my spare time I enjoy riding horses, hinking, camping and
climbing voluptious blonde women." - John Christ

"I don't think the girls in our videos are fluff and I don't
think that girls shouldn't be in videos.  It's how you use them
and what you do with them." 
 - Glenn Danzig's take on bimbo mania in metal videos

It was the fantasy come true of any Danzig diehard lucky enough to be
on the East Coast this Halloween as Glenn and the band took over Port
Chester, NY's Capitol Theater for a night of fiendish fun of a different
kind.  Celebrating the day nearest and dearest to his horror-happy heart, 
Glenn thrilled and chilled an adoring audience with some surprise classics
like "Halloween" and "To Walk The Night," both befitting the occasion
and the recent Caroline Records release of the Samhain compilation
Final Descent.  Get in on the Danzig fan club by writing (updated address):
Danzig, P.O. Box 3608, Van Nuys, CA 91407.

Let's hear it for "Night Flight," the USA cable network's popular all-night
marathon medley of movies, music and an adventurous melange of video
programming.  Unlike the squeamish MTV, "Night Flight" dares to be different,
thankfully airing Danzig's dusky debut clip, "Mother," without protesting
(or blacking out) ever-so-brief glimpses of upside down crosses, tombstone
shadows, or the closing mock sacrificial ritual (all deemed "objectionable"
by MTV, the network that, on the other hand, can't seem to get enough
of Jessica Hahn's over siliconed breasts or the bulging, barely-there
bikinis in the Beach Boys' "Kokomo" or the bevy of bimbos and hot babes in
their "approved" prime time lineup).  Danzig's subsequent "Twist Of Cain"
is a powerful clip, recently shot at The Ritz in NYC.  Can the censors'
hearts take it?