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FLIPSIDE #54, 1987 (special 10th anniversary issue with reprints)


They were interviewed sometime in September by none other than Dee and
Hilda.  Just in case you're stupid, DOA are: Joey Shithead on guitar and
vocals, Randy Rampage on bass and vocals and Chuck Biscuits on drums.

FS: I assumed DOA was Dead on arrival, is it, or is it Dead or Alive?
Randy: Dead On Arrival.
Joey: Dopes on Acid.
Chuck: Dumb Obnoxious Jerks.
Joey: No, that doesn't make any sense, Dumb, Obnoxious Assholes!

FS: Are you all original members?
Joey: Yeah.
Randy: We used to have another guitarist, a couple of them, we're the
original three members.
Chuck: We had Brad Kent in the band, the old Avengers guitarist.

FS: Where's your manager?
Randy: He's a fuckin' hippie, so we don't take him with us.
Joey: No, actually he's back home booking gigs.
Randy: Yeah, booking gigs for other bands.

FS: Chuck, you're from Long Beach, right?
Chuck: I was born in harbor city, Long Beach, I was born there.

FS: How did you happen to meet Chuck?
Chuck:... I live in Vancouver for 10 years.
Joey: And I knew his brother for a long time, I can remember when Chuck was
a real fucking rat, throwing rocks through the window...

FS: What are the two singles you have out?
Joey: Prisoner/13 - the other is an ep recorded over a year ago, that's
Disco Sucks/Nazi Training Camp/Woke Up Screaming/Law of Police.  Which is
dedicated to the RCMP.

FS: What's the song called that's like as slow as you come to doing a slow
Joey: Jamaican Joke, that's going to be our new single.
Randy: With WWIII.
Joey: So like the songs are really quite different, ya know, both songs are
like 4-5 minutes long.  That's a real weird thing for us - cause we've never
had a song over 3 minutes long and like this single is a lot different, it's
got a lot of textures.

FS: Where's your wife Joey?
Joey: In Vancouver, sometimes she comes with me, sometimes we just don't
have enough money.

FS: Why doesn't your manager pay for her to come with you, I thought that
that was one things managers were for?
Joey: Our manager is like, "Boys, here's a buck for you to spend."
Randy: "What!  You guys spent $3 on beer!?  No more beer for a week!"

FS: What did you hear about the Elks Lodge?
Joey: Yeah, I heard about that big police fiasco.

FS: Are the police bad in Vancouver?
Joey: Yeah, it's the same thing, there's a fucking constant police
harassment, yeah, the people saying "The RCMP and Vancouver Police are
fucking bullshit".  Well the cops say: "We'd better teach these guys a
lesson".  Especially this new club now, called the Smiling Buddah, half a
blcok from the cop shop, there's only one cop shop, right?  This one big
building called the 'Public Safety Building'.  Like every week or two
they'll come down and kick people around, arrest them...
Randy: Drag people out.

FS: Harrassed because of the way you look?
Joey: Not really.
Chuck: I get hasseled a lot!
Joey: Well, it's different, Chuck will get hasseled, but I won't, that
primarily because of the size difference.
Chuck: They yell all sorts of stuff: "Punk rock faggot!"

FS: What are you political views?
Chuck: I hate jerks, I just hate assholes, nothing political.
Joey: I wouldn't call myself political, but I think that there are certain
things that need to be said or something done about them.  Cause I think
like we're really moving swiftly into really conservative times, where like
the police, are becoming more powerful, the government is clamping down on
everything, ya know?  And that's sorta what I'm reacing against.  The
fucking police have absolute control in Canada, but I think L.A. is one of
the worst places with police I've seen, like S.F. or N.Y. isn't so bad.
Chuck: They have worse things to worry about hin N.Y.

FS: What was it like to play in N.Y.?
Chuck: We went to Hurrahs and like Joe was running around in circles and he
pushed over this woman ahd she was going to charge him with assault.
Joey: It started out, like when the Dils were playing everyone was out on
the dance floor and in about 5 minutes Randy, Chuck, myself, Jello Biafra
and some other people from the west coast just had the dance floor cleared,
so we decided it wasn't enough and we terrorized the fringes.
Randy: I was running around kicking drinks outta peoples hands and pushing
them onto the floor and all of a sudden there's like 5 bouncers around me.
Joey: So the next day they sayd you're fucking lucky we didn't cancel your
gig for tonight.  People in N.Y. are weird, sorta like "We've seen it all,
we're everything".  But still there's some good people too.  They're not all
idiots, but there's a pretty high percentage of them.  Actually of all of
the places I've seen, the west coast is the only place where you really
get people flying around and pogoing.  The east coast is kinda mild.

FS: Well, what else do you guys do?  Can you live on what you make playing?
Randy: I just do lots of drugs, I'm a drug fiend.
Joey: I like loud fucking music!!!!!


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