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 August 29, 1988
 Dear Metal VIP:

 Find yourself a comfortable chair.  One that will cushion your body from
 the effect that DANZIG, the latest musical attack from one of the premiere
 Punk/Metal creators, Glenn Danzig, will reek on you.  The album (Def Jam
 stock #24208) will be descending on stores around the country August 30.

 Leader Glenn Danzig, one of the founding members of seventies punk/metal
 cult band THE MISFITS as well as TALUS and SAMHAIN, illustrates on DANZIG
 his signature rock-bottom rumble vocals, getting assistance from Eerie Von
 on bass, Chuck Bisquits on drums and John Christ on guitar.

 On the special promo advance CD enclosed in this package, pay special
 attention to "Mother", set as the first single.  A sure-fire pick up on
 AOR, College & Alternative and Metal radio across the country, "Mother" is
 also currently being sent to MTV and other national broadcast TV stations
 around the U.S. You can catch DANZIG live on tour, with Slayer through
 August and headlining a solo club tour in the U.S. from September - October.

 Never one to disappoint the die-hard fans, Glenn's return to the "Cycle Punk
 Metal" spotlight with DANZIG re-establishes the idea that Metal Cool is
 "Alive and well and living in New York!"

 Let us know if we can further help you in spreading the Gospel According To

 Happy Motoring,

 Concrete Marketing

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 Glenn Danzig - Vocals
 Leader Glenn Danzig, one of the founding members of seventies punk/metal
 cult band The Misfits as well as the earlier Talus and later Samhain,
 Danzig perfected his signature rock-bottom rumble vocals and razor-sharp
 guitar playing on albums such as the Misfits' Earth A.D./Wolfsblood,
 Die Die My Darling, Legacy Of Brutality and Evilive, as well as his first
 solo lp in 1981, Who Killed Marilyn?.  Samhain solidified DANZIG's metal
 and punk influence with Initium, Unholy Passion, and November Coming Fire.
 Glenn has also written the title cut for the film "Less Than Zero" with
 collaboration from producer Rick Rubin, as well as penning "Life Fades
 Away" for his longtime idol Roy Orbison.

 Eerie Von - Bass
 Discovered by and later learning the bass from teacher Glenn Danzig, Eerie
 co-founded DANZIG with Glenn in 1987, creating a now familiar pulsating,
 "ready to erupt" backdrop rhythm section.

 Chuck Bisquits - Drums
 Chuck joined up with Glenn to play drums in Danzig after the demise of
 Samhain in 1987.  His bone-crushing driving riffs contribute to DANZIG's
 "thrash & crash" rhythm.

 John Christ - Guitar
 John's "cut like a knife" lead guitar gets beneath the skin like a cold
 chill 'n hot sweat, as he has carried, DANZIG through metal recognition
 since 1987.

 The four create DANZIG, the 80's answer to Cycle Punk Metal.

 DANZIG will be released nationally August 30.

 Def Jam Records 24208

 Side 1                        Side 2
 Twist A Caln                  Mother
 Not Of This World             Possession
 She Rides                     End Of Time
 Soul On Fire                  Hunter
 Am I Demon                    Evil Thing

 Marketing DANZIG

 Concrete Marketing has been retained to work the DANZIG project.

 ADVANCE CD MAILING to 1,000 retail outlets

 24" x 36" B&W poster of gatefold packaging

 1'x l's -2-sided name boards

 The first single, "Mother, will be on an ADVANCE CD mailed to AOR,
 College, Alternative, and Metal Stations.

 The projected advertising for DANZIG includes full pages in leading metal
 magazines (RIP, Creem's Thrash Metal, Hit Parader, etc.) as well as key
 regional metal magazines (Sheet Metal, Amplified Assault, Loud, Seconds,
 Rogue's Gallary & Screamer) and select radio trade tipsheets (CMJ Report,
 FMQB) to coincide with the development of strong airplay.  Independent
 publicity has been retained to coordinate national, regional and local
 secondary consumer print in specific markets as it is warranted.

 The finished video for the first single, "Mother" has been completed and is
 being solicited to MTV and all other broadcast/cable TV outlets.

 DANZIG has been opening for Slayer on dates since mid-August and they will
 do a solo club tour in the U.S. from September - October 1988.