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        "A Scary Short Guy Takes on A Dead Alcoholic, a 
         One-Armed Drummer, and Four Other Clowns"

We received a press release from Def American informing us that Glenn
Danzig did not get his ass kicked by Def Leppard.  We didn't even know
he was in a fight.  "No way, Glenn could dust those guys any day.  
Besides, doesn't have have body guards to take care of trouble makers?"
Scot got on the phone with Def America's PR folks to investiage the

By Scott

     Could it be true that Def Leppard actually beat up Glenn Danzig, as
rumor had it?  The June 23 issue of Raw magazine reports that Vivian 
Campbell of the British wuss-rock band "popped [Danzig] one on the kisser!"
However, other rumors suggest one-armed drummer Rick Allen was the offended 
pugilist who smacked Glenn around!
     In a press release from Def American, Danzig stated "This story is a 
total fabrication.... Anyone who knows me or my past knows I never walk
away from a fight.... To consider any of this as fact is simply laughable."
     In an effort to get the real deal on the hot item, we called up the
Def American press agents to get the story.  Here's what they said:

We hard some rumors that we're calling to clear up; specifically that Glenn
Danzig got beat up by Rick Allen from Def Leppard, or somebody like that?

Def American Publicist: Would you like a press release on that?

We got the press release, but we're just calling to find out what went on,
because Glenn could really kick Rick's ass with one hand tied behind his

DAP: Yeah. Does it say in the press release? That's basically what happened.

It just says Glenn challenged Def Leppard.

DAP: No, it was just like, I don't know.  Somebody said something, and 
somebody else said something, and it was like, nothing and he just blew
it off like 'No big deal,' and walked away and they went around saying,
the Def Leppard guys went around saying that they kicked his ass and he
ran away and all that kind of thing and he was just being a person and
walked away from the whole thing because it was kind of ridiculous, basically.

Where did this happen? Was it a festival?

DAP: Oh, I don't even know. Let me put you through to somebody else, okay?

Another Def American Publicist: Hello?

Yeah, I'm calling about this rumor that Glenn Danzig getting beat up
by Def Leppard?

ADAP: Yeah.  

I'm not even sure who I was just talking to, but she transferred me to you,
and what I had just asked her was, did this situation happen at one of the
European festivals?

ADAP: Yeah, it was in Germany, the Nurnburg, or, I don't know which 
festival it was, but, yeah. We have a press release I can send to you.

Actually, I've got the press release sitting in front of me.

ADAP: Yeah.

I'm trying to get the real deal on it, because press releases a lot of 
times don't have the nitty gritty stuff. I had actually heard a rumor that
Rick Allen (the one-armed drummer) took a shot at him.

ADAP: Actually, really all I know is what I've heard from the press release,
that there was some sort of struggle but I don't nkow what actually went
down, if they actually did get in a fight or didn't get in a fight.  So,
I mean from what Glenn tells us, there was, you know, he did run into them,
and there was kind of a little huff going back and forth, but nothing really
happened out of it. No one punched anyone and that whole big thing.

With the thing that went in Rip, I think it was...

ADAP: Raw.

First of all, the article just bites, journalistically speaking, but do you
know if Glenn's going to challenge them to a fight, like the whole Vince
Neil thing, and Bob Guccione, Jr. challening Axl to a fight?

ADAP: No, I just think he saw what they had wrote, written, and he just
kinda, I guess, got a little upset, because usually he wouldn't ever just
look at it and pass it on, you know?  I do't think it's going to go any
further than what Glenn wrote, unless Def Leppard says something back, 
which we haven't heard so...

Has Glenn responded to this in any magazines or media, anything like that
besides the press release?

ADAP: That's about it, yeah.

So this is just something that was sent out to papers and Raw isn't going
to print a retraction or Glenn's answer to it?

ADAP: Not that we know of, no.

That's kind of a cheap thing to do.  So what's Glenn's attitude toward Raw
right now?

ADAP: I don't really know.  I mean, I just kinda read the press release 
like everyone else.  I saw him when he was here but I think he just wanted
to get it out that no, he didn't get his ass kicked or whatever they said

Right.  That oculd really damage his reputation.  He's so buff and he 
studies the martial arts and everything.  For somebody from Def Leppard to
beat him would be really bad.

ADAP: Exactly. I think that's why he did that whole thing, just saying 
'Wait a minute, I don't usually comment on these things but this one I have
to,' so ... I don't actually even know where they got that story, if they
actually did get it from Def Leppard or who, but ...

A couple more questions.  Do you know if he lives in Lakeside, or does he
live in New York now?

ADAP: Who?


ADAP: He lives in L.A.

He lives in L.A.

ADAP: Yeah.

Last thing.  What's your name and how do you spell it?  And what's your

ADAP: Jennifer.

And your title.

ADAP: I just work in publicity.

All efforts to contact Glenn for further comment failed, but if you want 
to investigate this yourself, call Def American Media Relations at (818)
953-7910 and ask for the press release.

        [photo of Glenn with the following caption: "Hi. 
         My name is Glenn, and I'm a recovering wuss."]