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GUITAR SHOP, Fall 1994

       Despite the fact that Danzig has become an overnight success via
the `70's esque hard rock anthem. "Mother", the quartet has actually
been around for over half a decade, steadily building up its loyal fan
base.  As for their B.C. Rich toting guitarist, John Christ, he belies
his metalhead appearance with a solid academic training in classical
music and jazz composition.  And although he's partial to Ted Nugent,
Frank Marino, and AC/DC's Young brothers for rock infulences, the Danzig
axeman is also a major blues fan who listens to everything from Robert
Johnson and Howlin' Wolf to Larry Carlton.  Bet you didn't know that.

Various B.C. Rich Bich guitars with Floyd Rose tremelos and active
  electronics (some are disconnected)
Gibson Les Paul Custom
Gibson Acousic
Unknown Ibanez Strat

VHT Pittbull CLassic Head
VHT Chromeface Power Amp

Marshall 4X12 Cabinets
Rocktron Pathchmate switching unit
Rocktron Intellifex
Bradshaw switching system
D`Aquisto strings
GHS .10's
Boss Turbo Overdrive pedal