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by Chris Gill

                            2 stars (of 4)
  Abandoning his punky metal demon persona, Glenn Danzig reinvents himself
as an industrial baron on his fifth album, BLACKACIDEVIL.  Too bad Danzig
didn't take a closer look at similar follies that have failed, such as Rob
Halford's recent misguided industrial-lite outfit.  Although Jerry Cantrell
of Alice In Chains contributes heavy riff to three songs, most notably a 
cover of Black Sabbath's "Hand Of Doom," this industrial-by-numbers album
is bogged down by Danzig's monotonous guitar playing, unimaginative grooves
and feeble Jim Morrisonisms.
  The album starts with two fuzztone-driven, blatant Ministry rip-offs:
"7th House," with a vocal melody lifted from White Zombie's "Electric Head
Pt. 1 (The Agony)" (which in turn was stolen from "Attack Ships" by [Al]
Jourgensen's side project, the Revolting Cocks), and "Blackacidevil,"
featuring a drum pattern filched from Ministry's "Stigmata."  With its
pulsing bass drum and synth line, "Sacrifice" is disco Danzig.  Here, the
singer hammers obvious Nine Inch Nails references into listener's brains
with thinly veiled [Trent] Reznor-inspired lines such as "I want to look
into your other face" ("I want to fuck you like an animal") and "Under the
downward side" (DOWNWARD SPIRAL, perhaps?).  By the time the album reaches
the sampled porno moans on "Serpentia," it's obvious Danzig couldn't even
ignite a bucket of gas with a spark of the imagination that inspired
this album.