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Los Angeles Herald Examiner, 01/10/89

Rock Reviews by Gregory Sandow

     Danzig: I wouldn't quite call them evil, but at the Country Club on 
Friday night this band gave off spooky, even disturbing vibes. When ex-punk 
Glenn Danzig worked the crowd, you'd think of what he sings in "Possession:" 
"I want to crawl inside your soul, nestle in your brain." Except that
democratically, he seemed to be inviting them to join him in doing that 
to others.
     And the band can play. Drummer Chuck Biscuits laid down a beat like 
the living dead on a rock-hard trampoline, while guitarist John Christ 
fired what could have been the opening salvos of an invasion by fanatics 
from beneath the Earth.
     Don't believe the respectful music you'll hear on Danzig's Def 
American album. If the four guys in this band - let's not forget bassist 
Eerie Von - don't become hard rock anti-heroes in 1989, Nite Flash will 
flee in dismay to the day shift.