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  Glenn Danzig & Eerie Von were interviewed by Eric and Joe "Crackers" at a
  wrestling convention in New York - November 1987
   Eric: Let's start at the beginning. What's some of the bands you in
   before The Misfits?
   Glenn: Just half cover half original bands that I was in when I was a
   kid like Talus, stuff like that. There's a band using that name now.
   A bunch of other bands like that. Half cover, half original. The first
   band I was in was half Black Sabbath covers, half originals which
   sounded like Sabbath anyway.
   Eric: Where did you play?
   Glenn: Parties and dances. That was just when I was a kid. I got into
   a lot of other stuff and eventually formed The Misfits.
   Eric: How long were The Misfits together?
   Glenn: About 7 or 8 years. Then Samhain with Eerie for 3 years, now
   it's called Danzig. Me and Eerie and Chuck Biscuits on drums. We got a
   guy...John from Baltimore. An incredible guitar player.
   Eric: And you just recorded a new album?
   Glenn: Yeah and we just signed with DEF JAM.
   Eerie: DEF JAM CBS.
   Eric: Let's go on to some of your wrestling interests.
   Glenn: You want to know my top five?
   Eric: Yeah.
   Eerie: Macho Man!
   Glenn: 1. Randy "Macho Man" Savage, 2. King Kong Bundy, 3. Tiger Mask,
   4. Road Warriors, 5. Jake "The Snake" Roberts.
   Eric: Have you ever meet any of these wrestlers?
   Glenn: Bundy came to one of our shows. He's pretty cool.
   Eric: Is he a big fan?
   Eerie: He's the biggest fan I've ever seen.
   Eric: Was he dancing around? Did he start slamming?
   Glenn: He was standing by the side of the stage going' like this.
   Going crazy, he was cool. We went back to the hotel with him and
   Eric: Tell us about the record cover.
   Glenn: The cover might be done by a japanese artist Go Nagai, who
   created Devilman and Mazinger Z and hopefully on the inside we'll be
   posing with a bunch of X-rated stars.
   Eerie: Like in some precarious positions.
   Eric: Are you gonna do some videos with them?
   Eerie: We might have them do cameos in our videos. Maybe put out the
   Samhain porno videos.
   Glenn: We're working on a bunch. DEF JAM's really cool, like if we
   wanna Croenberg we can get it.
   Eric: Like Romero or somebody...?
   Glenn: Romero?!? Forget him. I can do better in my sleep. Croenberg
   sounds good. Give it a good twist, something different that other
   people wouldn't do.
   Eric: How about doing film scores?
   Glenn: Thinking about some stuff and maybe some movies and stuff like
   Eric: Like maybe having the record company finance a full length film
   Glenn: Oh I could do it now. Also we're getting some offers for movie
   roles, but nothing really great so I'm just turning down stuff. We
   don't wanna look stupid.
   Eric: So that does it for me and I'm gonna turn it over to Crackers.
   Is there anything I left out?
   Eerie: Yeah, you store's a great store. I can't wait to go back.
   Glenn; That's the one thing I like about L.A. is going to your shop.
   Eric: You guys are too kind.
   Glenn: Yeah you're right. We are too kind, GET HIM EERIE!
   Joe "Crackers" Hudson takes over at this point.
   Glenn: (tape picks up in mid-sentence) I mean I don't know about any
   other bands except Metallica and Celtic Frost. They're the only ones
   that I know of that say they really like The Misfits. The other ones I
   don't know about. I see all these bands that wear out shirts, but I
   don't know what the deal is. Let's talk more about wrestling.
   Joe: Sullivan, satanism....
   Glenn: Yeah, Kevin Sullivan's great. Macho Man is fantastic. Old
   Blassie stuff. I really like old Blassie pictures where he's bitin'
   peoples heads open. So cool. I really wanna get a picture of him like
   spittin' a chunk of somebody out. I also like The Blue Demon. It's too
   bad there's not a better source for mexican wrestling memorabilia. All
   the different characters. You guys have all that stuff. Luche Libra.
   Joe: So who are some of your favorite smut actresses?
   Glenn: Oh Seka for sure. Old Marilyn Chambers stuff.
   Joe: How about Traci Lords?
   Glenn: Traci Lords looks better now that she used to. Ginger and Amber
   Lynn. Ginger Lynn...anal scenes....What was it that you were saying
   the other day?
   Eerie: We need a good anal scene, let's call Ginger Lynn! That's so
   funny because it's true, man. You'll be watchin' a picture and it's
   kind of.... ehhhh! Then all of a sudden, special guest star Ginger
   Lynn and you know there's gonna be some serious butt fuckin'.
   The End