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Hit Parader   September 1990

Decipher DANZIG And Prepare To Meet Your Reward




Win the Official Danzig II - Lucifuge leather jacket

One Grand Prize winner will be sporting the Official Danzig II -
Lucifuge leather jacket designed by Glenn Danzig himself, and
personally autographed by each and every member of the band.
Twenty-five second prize winners will receive all-metal Danzig
pins. Fifty more will be third prize winners of a signed Danzig
poster and a six-month subscription to Hit Parader.

Winning Is Painless.

Just unscramble the letters that appear above to reveal three
song titles from Danzig's new album. Here's a hint: go check out
the tunestack on the album itself, Danzig II - Lucifuge. It's all
right there in plain English.

Enter At Our Risk.

We're definitlely giving this stuff away. To be eligible to win,
all you have to do is write your name, address and phone number
on a 3" x 5" card along with the three deciphered song titles and
send it to: Danzig Jacket Giveaway, c/o Hit Parader, 441
Lexington Ave., Suite 900, New York, NY 10017. You must send it
by August 31, 1990.

There is no purchase neccessary and you can enter as many times
as you like.

The new album, Danzig II - Lucifuge is available on Def American
Compacts Discs, Cassettes and Records. Also available: Danzig,
the debut album and Danzig, the home video - completely
uncensored and uncut videos of tracks from the debut album, plus
rare behind-the-scenes footage and interviews.