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Glenn Danzig Interview, 1/31/97

Interview by Jamie (

JB- For starters how is the tour getting along? Is the band getting tighter?
GD- Well I like it. (laughs) The more we play the better we get.  And the new
material sounds better live.
JB- How long is this tour going to be out?
GD-  Right now weíre expecting to do the US dates then head off to Europe and
maybe the east this time.  We didnít go that was on the 4 tour so we should
be there this time.  Europe is always good in the summer.  Then we might be
coming back to the states to do some more dates at the end of the summer and
maybe fall. 
JB- Whats the next video going to be?
GD- Serpentia.
JB- Why with your voice being a strength did you use all the effects?
GD- Actually I used some on the last record.  And Iím looking to use more.
It just adds something else to the music.  But I donít think that the
effects that are supposed to be in the live show are working.  Actually Iím
not sure.  
JB- What do the fans think of the "new" sound of Danzig?
GD- Actually its not new.  I did some of the same stuff before with
Cantspeak.  Iíd say 30-40% of people are shocked at the new stuff.  But thats
ok.  I like it.
JB- What led to the line-up change?
GD- Well John was contracted through Danzig 4.  And after he left I found out
from Joey that Prong had been dropped and he was talking to Tommy who was
really pumped to play.  So Joey set it all up and Tommy has been great.
JB- To change gears, how is Verotik going?
GD- It's cool.  We have a Satanika animated pilot thatís going to be shown in
LA.  And Miramax is talking about making a feature of Albino Spider Of Dijet.
JB- And how much real acting did you do in Prophecy 2?
GD- (laughs) what do you mean by "real"?  I acted, but it was more fighting.
I filmed it during the Ozzfest tour and did most of my stunts.  I actually
fought Russell Wong at the end.  
JB- So did you get your ass kicked?
GD- (laughs again) Actually I get killed.  But itís cool anyway.
JB- What about future acting roles?  Any more feedback on playing Logan?
GD- Well as far as that goes I was contacted by a studio about playing Logan
then it just kind of died.  Anyway, Marvel is going bankrupt.  Who knows if
it will ever get made. 
JB- Tell me about the "new" Evilive label.
GD- Well I intend to use it to release some old Samhain and the Death Dealer
soundtrack will be on it.
JB- When is that coming out?  
GD- Well things have been busy but that and the Samhain Boxset  that Iíve
been talking about forever should be out by summer.  I hope.  And Miramax is
also looking into making Death Dealer in to a movie.
JB- I know you know, so what do you think about the Misfits touring?
GD- Man I knew this would come up today.  I think itís sad that the best they
could do is bring back 1 original member.  I mean it would be cool if it was
the true misfits but itís not.  It just cheapens the whole thing.  And the
thing that pisses me off is that the releases suck.  Collection Two sucked
and I had nothing to do with it.  They never listened to me, I had a really
cool piece of cover art that looked like the old Misfits stuff that would
have been great and I gave it to them then they released with that fucked up
green.  They didnít even release all the material that they had.  There are
more songs that are sitting on tape that they didnít put out.
JB- Why not?
GD- Because they think that they can give a little over a long time or some
shit like that.  It screws the fans who want to hear it.  
JB- So I assume that you guys wonít be doing lunch anytime soon?
GD- We arenít doing shit. 
JB- Onto another subject, have you been playing anything new in concert?
GD- Nothing new right now, but Tommy did play on the EP that weíre going to
release during the summer.