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Kerrang! MEGA METAL Special   Fall 1988

NOW HEAR THIS [excerpt]
By Steffan Chirazi

   Glenn Danzig is something of a baby adopted by [Rick] Rubin,
who admits he "was never a Misfits fan, I didn't like them and I 
actually thought they were terrible. But I always knew that
Glenn was a great singer and that he had great songwriting
potential that hadn't been fully realised."
   Indeed, Danzig now sounds as true a rocker and as hard a
roller as he ever did before, channeling the aggression of the 
Misfits and Samhain into more than just speed or stage shock.
Whilst Danzig the man has always displayed the ability to perform
as such, it's been a rare occasion in the past and one can't help 
feeling that Rubin has helped focus Danzig properly, leaving the 
diminutive frontman with a clearer objective and a sharper view of 
his own music.  Danzig's album is the first official Def American