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Los Angeles Times, 01/07/89
Danzig Demonstrates It Has the Mettle for Metal
by Janiss Garza

     With its combination of punk energy, sophisticated thrash-like time 
changes and exotic Doors introspection. Danzig is a strikingly original 
band that may help redefine the course of hard rock.  Though the East 
Coast group has yet to make a dent on the national charts, the turn-away 
crowd at the Country Club on Friday indicated that the band is attracting 
a following in the metal world.
     Danzig is the braichild of Glenn Danzig, formerly of another visionary 
group, the punkish Misfits. Where the Misfits' two-minute songs were as 
fast and explosive as gunshots, the new group -without sacrificing energy- 
slows down its music so that it has an almost eeie, unsettling effect on 
the listener. Add Glenn Danzig's spooky, Morrisonesque vocals to the 
winding riffs of "Twist of Cain" and the bluesy "She Rides" and the effect 
is even more darkly haunting.
     Occaisionally, a cold blast of speed broke the tension, but a tune 
like the relentlessly driving "Am I Demon" builds it up again. The band's 
cleanly produced Def American LP only hints at the powerful grit that 
Danzig contains. In a live situation, its seductive wickedness intesifies 
to a hypnotic resonance.