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M.E.A.T.   June 1993

By Metal Tim Henderson

Thrall-Demonsweatlive (Def American/Warner)

   This 7-track - 3 studio/4 live - EP is a split example of
Danzig's onstage deviltry and off-stage delusions of sexual
grandeur. While the new studio tracks add a punchy, less bluesy
approach than How The Gods Kill, they evoke a bizarre craving for
more - the Elvis cover of "Trouble" is a fitting tribute to a man
who has been dubbed the "evil-Elvis" for quite some time. Side
Two broods through the most enjoyable of Danzig goodies - "Snakes
Of Christ" and "Mother" to name a pair - the forst time Danzig's
live material has ever been made available. Yet, one wonders if
Danzig will ever click to a large degree. MMMM