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MTV NEWS, June 3, 1997

Glenn Danzig is quietly becoming one of the busiest men in show business.
The metal muscleman (whose band Danzig is currently plotting out a 
European tour) says he may be strapping on a fistful of blades to take on the
role of Wolverine in an upcoming big screen adaptation of the "X-Men" 
comic book series.

"A while ago I met with 20th Century Fox about this role, and they told me 
that the role of Wolverine was indeed probably going to be gritty, although 
they didn't know about the other characters, and I didn't really care about 
the other characters," Danzig said. "At that time, Richard Donner was the 
executive producer. I think now Bryan Singer is going to direct, so we'll
see.  If Bryan Singer directs, the guy who did 'Usual Suspects,' it could
be pretty good."

Danzig told MTV News that if the role is "gritty" enough, he will challenge 
the only other actor he's heard mentioned for the part, Jean Claude Van 
Damme, for the honor of joining the squad of mutant crime fighters.
The former Misfits frontman recently got his feet wet in the movie pool 
with a role in the upcoming Christopher Walken vehicle, "Prophecy II." In 
the film, Danzig plays a dark angel henchman to Christopher Walken's 
Gabriel, who is having some serious problems with the cushy treatment God 
bestows on human beings.  Danzig may also turn up in an upcoming film from
Wes Craven ("Scream," "Nightmare on Elm Street," "Last House on the Left")
as well as the Rob Zombie-directed installment in the "Crow" series. The
singer is still waiting to see scripts for those projects, and while he
jumped at the chance to work for Craven (Danzig has long admired the
director's work), he was less thrilled about the first two "Crow" films.

"Rob Zombie is a friend, and he mentioned that he wanted me to do a role, 
or his agent had told me that they wanted me to do a role in the 'Crow' 
movie which Rob is directing," Danzig explained. "I'll have to see the role, 
but if Rob wants me to do it, and if I like it even half way, I'll do it as a
favor, for sure." 

While stepping off of the stage and onto a movie set with Christopher 
Walken or Wes Craven might seem like a huge leap, Danzig said that the 
elaborate videos he has a penchant for prepared him for life in front of the 

"A lot of people don't realize that video is film," Danzig told MTV News. 
"It's cameras there, and of course you see it as a three or four minute clip
on  MTV or any other station. It's actually film. It gets shot, and there
is a crew of about 30 or 40 people there. You have cameras. You have
extras, you know, you have a director. It's the same thing as film.
You've got to go through the same process too. It's only a little
different. It's easy to work with film because you have lines to say and
the director kind of says what to do. It's not always the case when you're
trying to do a music video... you have a problem when the director
doesn't tell you what to do!"