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NARDWUAR, September 1999


Nardwuar the Human Serviette vs. Glenn Danzig (Part One)

Nardwuar: Who are you?
Glenn Danzig: Um, just Glenn Danzig.

Nardwuar: Who else is in Danzig right now, Glenn?
Glenn Danzig: Um, myself, Joey Castillo on drums, Josh Lazie on bass, and
uh we have a new guitar player, Todd Youth on guitar.

Nardwuar: Was Todd Youth in Warzone?
Glenn Danzig: He might have been. I know he was in Murphy's Law. He was in
D-Gen for a little while. And then he had a fine band called Crown Locusts.

Nardwuar: You're also taking Samhain on tour. Who's in Samhain?
Glenn Danzig: Um, right now in Samhain is myself , Stephen, and London.

Nardwuar: And does it bug you when people pronounce it "Samhain" instead
of, like,
"Sow-en" - there's a proper way to pronounce it, isn't there? Does that
bug you?
Glenn Danzig: Yeah, it's actually, there are a few pronunciations. The
pronunciation I
use on the records is "Sauden" - um, it doesn't bug me because it is a
Celtic word and you really can't expect most Americans who can only barely
speak English to learn how to pronounce anything Celtic or anything else,
so it doesn't bug me.

Nardwuar: Is it true that, Glenn, that Steve Zing - he's back in Samhain,
Glenn Danzig: Steve is just, um, like Samhain is not reunited, we're just
this like five week's of shows and that's it. It's kind of just to
celebrate the box set finally coming out, the Samhain box set finally
coming out.

Nardwuar: He was originally in Samhain though a while back though wasn't
he ?
Glenn Danzig: (pause) Yeah, he was one of the original members of Samhain,
yeah. He's not
in Danzig.

Nardwuar: Right. When he was kicked out of Samhain, was that because he
quote "liked
Madonna, and didn't know that "scarlet billows" meant blood in the song
"Mack the Knife'"?
Glenn Danzig: (laughs) No, um, Steve, it was kind of a mutual thing when
Steve left.
He wanted to do something else and um we kind of wanted another drummer.

Nardwuar: Lyle Presler of Minor Threat was like in Samhain for one gig, so
the legend
goes. Was he kicked out due to "inadequate body parts." Like, didn't you
once say, "Ever see the arms on that guy?"
Glenn Danzig: No, I never said that. What I said was, he knew what Samhain
was about
from the get-go, and he just you know, we all showed up and here we are
pretty i guess, for lack of a better term, you know, kind of dark, gothic,
you know
what I mean? And he was in like Dockers and other stuff. It was, you know,
like a sweater tied around his neck, kind of like Haircut 100 or something
and it wasn't going to work.

Nardwuar: Glenn, did you originally base your look on the "Captain
Harlock" cartoon
from Japan?
Glenn Danzig: Uh, no.

Nardwuar: Are you a fan of that one? Because it is totally neat, "Captain
cartoon! I've seen pictures of that.
Glenn Danzig: Yeah, no, I love the manga. And I've actually made a
"Captain Harlock"
shirt and wore it on the cover of "Walk Among Us". No, it didn't influence
look at all because he has a totally different you know thing.

Nardwuar:  Now, speaking of Japan, is there going to be a Danzig figurine
coming out soon?
Glenn Danzig: No. (laughs, coughs)

Nardwuar: In the movie The Prophecy II you play an angel.
Glenn Danzig: Yeah.

Nardwuar: Was it a bummer getting killed by an angel? You were killed by
an angel in the movie The Prophecy II.
Glenn Danzig: Yeah, no, it was just a movie. (laughs)

Nardwuar: For two years, two years, Glenn, you were in total legal limbo.
Now, your new album, 6:66 Satan's Child  is out. You demonstrated a lot of
patience there, didn't you?
Glenn Danzig: Yeah, it was very tough because, uh, my initial reaction
would be to go in
and like destroy everybody, but, um, I knew in the end I would win, and
uh, I did.

Nardwuar: When the Misfits played the Channel Club in Boston, years ago,
the entire
audience showed affection for you by dogpiling on top of you. Like on
stage, all these guys like from SSD , and DYS jump on top of you in
some video, and when you are finally uncovered, you just say, "That was
pretty cool." How did you get through that? All these people dogpiling on
top of you!
Glenn Danzig: Uh, it's just a Boston thing and I was used to it. I mean,
you know, I
was part of it too. You know, someone would jump on you, and you would
on them, and then it would start getting crazy, and then you'd jump out,
and then jump back on the pile. Yeah, it was just a Boston thing back

Nardwuar:  Have you ever been scared by anyone, Glenn? Now that you
finally have an
album out called 6:66 Satan's Child, you know, can you mention the name of
the demon, you know, He Who Cannot Be Named? Have you reached that point
Glenn Danzig: (laughs) "He Who Cannot Be Named" is about some stuff I had
been reading
about and um as far as mentioning a name of he who cannot be named, uh I
am sure people have mentioned it many times but not realizing it.

Nardwuar: Have you yourself ever said it in interviews or in songs?
Glenn Danzig: No.

Nardwuar:  And do you think you ever will?
Glenn Danzig: Uh, not for other people, no. I'll let them decide.

Nardwuar: And, Glenn Danzig, on 6:66 Satan's Child, you have that tune,
"Cult Without
A Name." Do you still want to raise an army and start killing people,
the Danzig Force is the army you have, with the motto, "The Danzig Way:
Only Way"?
Glenn Danzig: (laughs) No, um, "Cult Without A Name" is about a lot of
different things,
um, and it's also about, um, mainly I mean one of the things that's really
cool about is it's a metaphor for music... punk and then later on you know
hardcore and all that crazy stuff, it's just that the whole journalistic
world would just not acknowledge that there was another music than just
Who and Foreigner and you know what I mean? All these you know really
awful '70s
rock bands.  And to this day even MTV and Rolling Stone will not give any
credibility  or acknowledge to any really hard bands.

Nardwuar: It seems though that they do do weird product placement in
movies. Like,
the film Higher Learning about hate on campus, has the main Nazi character
putting up posters in his dorm, including a huge Danzig poster.
Glenn Danzig: Yeah.

Nardwuar: And then the movie 8mm has the serial killer has the Danzig
poster in the
bedroom, so it seems that although Hollywood may have ignored it, they
of have thrown it in there in some weird instances.
Glenn Danzig: Well Hollywood has never ignored it. It's the, you know,
when I said the
music journalists, you know, in the journalistic world, mostly here in
America, I mean, punk and hardcore were totally ignored. And even in the
beginning, Danzig, no one would even do articles on us, at all. And I know
that there are a lot of other bands like that, like Pantera and other
and just anything that is really hard and in your face always gets treated
like it's not, you, like it doesn't exist.

Nardwuar: Do you have any control when they say, "We're going to put your
poster up"
in a movie like Higher Learning or 8mm? Do they actually come to you?
Glenn Danzig: Well, in Higher Learning, we had no control. They did that
without our
permission. Um, so we sued them, which was cool. But in 8mm I thought it
really cool, and I gave them permission to use it.

Nardwuar: There is some fun stuff too. Like, a friend of mine was watching
Cheers and
he looked right in the back room and there was some graffitti scrawled
there, and it was like, "Static Static Static - we're on a video rage" on
Cheers, written in the washroom!
Glenn Danzig:  That's pretty weird. I've never seen that.

Nardwuar: On 6:66 Satan's Child, there are a whole bunch of great tunes,
and it was
actually voted best new release of the month by an internet streaming
show, Butterfly Juice! Like, it seems to be getting some great responses!
Do you think you will ever end up on an episode of say,  Sabrina
the Teenage Witch?
Glenn Danzig:  I doubt it. (laughs)

Nardwuar: On the bio for 6:66 Satan's Child, you say  you have that
basic punk rock attitude, in all your projects. Have you kept up with any
punk pals from days of yore? Like, Barry from the Necros and Big Chief, or
Tim Kerr from the Big Boys and Monkeywrench.
Glenn Danzig:  No, I didn't even know Tim had a new band. I haven't talked
to Tim in a long time. Barry from the Necros is a fat piece of shit.

Nardwuar: A fat piece of shit?
Glenn Danzig:  A fat piece of shit.

Nardwuar: Okay. Just wanted to make sure that you said that. Tim though
has some
pretty cool stuff. He has the gloves you wore circa "Walk Among Us" , in
sort of a shrine.
Glenn Danzig: Yeah, Tim's a cool guy.

Nardwuar: Did you ever get the form-fitted steel fist made that you were
talking about in one of your Danzig home videos?
Glenn Danzig: No, I haven't gotten it made.

Nardwuar: Amir Derakh, who mixed a lot of your new CD, 6:66 Stain's Child,
was in the
metal band, Jailhouse. Speaking of hair, didn't you once get suckerpunched
by one of the guys in Def Leppard in some lineup?
Glenn Danzig: No, that's not true.

Nardwuar:  What was that incident about?
Glenn Danzig: Um, what happened was, me and my security guy were coming
out of a catering
tent at some festival in Germany, and they all, like the whole Def Leppard,
like thirty of them, were getting dropped off with their entourage and
everything and they were all just standing there, and I was just standing there
with a couple of plates and I was like, "Can you please move? We're trying
to get through?" and they all just looked at us like, "Fuck you. Get the
fuck out of here." And after about a minute, I just went, "Hey, get the
FUCK out of the way!!!" and then they were like, "Oh, you mean that?!!?"
and just a bunch of bullshit and nothing happened. Nobody threw any
punches. Me and Dennis would have destroyed them.

Nardwuar: But you and Henry Rollins chased Vince Neil from Motley Crue
down Santa
Monica Boulevard for interrupting a Black Flag/Misfits soundcheck at The
Glenn Danzig: It was a Misfits soundcheck, and they didn't interrupt it,
they wanted to
see what was going on and it was like I think it was Vince and someone
else, I think that is what Henry said, and we just went running out, and
they were just scampering up the hill or the street or whatever.  It was
pretty funny.

Nardwuar: Are you into lycanthropy?
Glenn Danzig:You mean turning into a werewolf?

Nardwuar: Yeah.
Glenn Danzig: Assuming wolf, uh, characteristics. I've read a lot about
it. I've read a lot of books on it.

Nardwuar: Do you have any silver around your house, to keep the werewolves
Glenn Danzig: Not much. (laughs)

Nardwuar: And, Glenn, in England they call the devil "Old Nick"?
Glenn Danzig: What?

Nardwuar: In England, they call the devil "Old  Nick!" In England.
Glenn Danzig: I don't think they do anymore.

Nardwuar: And in the Tower of London, you are not supposed to kill, hurt
or disturb ravens.
Glenn Danzig: And... what's your point?

Nardwuar: Well, what I was curious about, was in the "Lucifuge" video, do
you really rip
that chicken in half? Like, is that a real chicken? Like I saw the leg. My
friend Rob was like freezeframing it one by one - he works in a video
store -
and he swore that the actual chicken was ripped in half.
Glenn Danzig: No, it wasn't ripped in half.

Nardwuar: How did you do that little trick? That was amazing!
Glenn Danzig: Uh, it was just a cut and edit. You know, uh, at the last
minute when
you're about to rip the chicken in half, you just let go of one of your
hands. That chicken actually got paid like the girls in the video, and the

Nardwuar: Really!
Glenn Danzig: Yeah. (laughs) We had a chicken wrangler and everything. It
was pretty funny.

Nardwuar: What do you think of the current crop of those worshipping
heathen bands?
Like the Norwegian Black Metal bands like Mayhem etc. Do you have any
similar philosophies?
Glenn Danzig:  (coughs) Um, uh, let's see.

Nardwuar:  A lot of those were profiled in the book "Lords Of Chaos" that
came out a little while back.
Glenn Danzig: I know, Danzig is  cited in there a couple of times. Um, I
know we've done shows over in Germany where Cradle of Filth were on the
bill, um, and  some of them, I don't know if I relate totally to what they are
saying, but some things, yeah.

Nardwuar: Because there is some pretty crazy stuff, like that Count
Grishnacht burning
churches, killing Euronimus, and then Death killing himself. Pretty wild!
Glenn Danzig: Very extreme.

Nardwuar: What's the deal with your Elvis oil painting in the dressing
room on tour?  Do you have an Elvis oil painting?
Glenn Danzig: No, that's Errie.

Nardwuar:  Oh, that was  Errie Von.  What's your workout that you do,
Glenn? I'm kind of getting back into the gym myself, doing a lot of
lateral raises and chest presses,
like how do you find time to keep fit? A friend of mine who was backstage
at one of your shows swore he saw a full Soloflex weight gym backstage!
Do you do that? Do you workout before shows?
Glenn Danzig: (silence)

Nardwuar: Glenn, do you do any workouts before shows before you are
rockin' and rollin'?
Glenn Danzig: (silence)

Nardwuar:  Hello, Glenn Danzig? Hello, Glenn Danzig? Hello, Glenn? Hello,
Glenn Danzig: (line goes dead)

Five minutes later on  Nardwuar's voicemail:

Glenn Danzig:  Hey, Nardwuar, we just got cut off. I'm calling back again.
Uh, let's see, I  will call you a little later.

Part Two: Nardwuar the Human Serviette vs. Glenn  Danzig (A few weeks

Nardwuar: Glenn,  when you are doing your comic label, Verotik , what
have you got for
inspiration? Like have you ever like gone to a forensic autopsy and
checked it out just to get inspiration for some of the stuff you are
Glenn Danzig: Uh, no. (laughs)

Nardwuar:  Michael Jackson actually witnessed a forensic autopsy.
Glenn Danzig: I'm not Michael Jackson. I have like autopsy books if I want
to look at them. (laughs)  Or an SPK video and look at that, and that's fine.

Nardwuar:  Yeah, and then I guess those "Death Scene" books that Feral
House put out.  Those are pretty graphic too, right?
Glenn Danzig: Uh, I've got old German autopsy book, like real autopsy
books for coroners.

Nardwuar:  What year would that have been?
Glenn Danzig: Um, let's see. It's big, it's hard cover, it weighs probably
like five
pounds. It's a real, you know, it's a  book that a coroner would go to to
check on how a person was killed and each chapter is like "Death by
Electrocution," "Death by Misadventure"... and they're just photos. So this
way you can tell the signs of how a person died, when you're cutting them
on the slab and you're looking at them to see or to figure out, you know,
how they met their demise.

Nardwuar:   I was checking around on the web, and actually on Ebay
somebody is selling a Danzig Gold Record.
Glenn Danzig: Someone is selling a Danzig Gold Record? What? Someone from

Nardwuar:  Yeah, check this description out there, Glenn. "Danzig Gold
Record Award
for sales of the 1st 2 Danzig records. This is the real deal! From
Records- (formerly Def American). Scan shows award in mint condition with
original manufacturer's tag still on back. You can change the name on the
award plate to your own, just by contacting the manufacturer.  This is a
true collector's piece, and was obtained from the original recipient"
Glenn Danzig: So who's the original recipient?

Nardwuar:  I don't know. I didn't, I couldn't make it out there.
Glenn Danzig:It's probably Eerie , because he's selling everything, he's
so broke.

Nardwuar:   That's pretty bizzare  - like a Gold Record!
Glenn Danzig: Um, hey, that's his life, you know, if he wants to sell it.

Nardwuar:  What did Eerie originally do? Was he a pool cleaner ?
Glenn Danzig: I don't know if he was a pool cleaner, but he uh I think he
worked in a

Nardwuar:  Was it that big factory that that that that Jerry's family had,
that same
Glenn Danzig: No.

Nardwuar:  Because also on Ebay a little while ago  there was The Misfits
"Legacy of Brutality"  on pink vinyl and it went for $3000.00 .
Glenn Danzig: Three thousand dollars?

Nardwuar:  Yup. "Legacy of Brutality", pink vinyl.  Because I think there
was something
like they mixed up the vinyls when they were making it and there were only
a few made-like ten!
Glenn Danzig: Oh, yeah, I did that because I was there.

Nardwuar:  What happened?
Glenn Danzig: Uh, I just told them not to - we were going from red to
white vinyl, and I
told them not to clean the thing; just pour in the white. (laughs)
I think we did the white first and then we poured in the red, that's how
went. ... I just did that because I was into collecting records and
lots of my friends were and, you know,there were a select amount of people
out there
that wanted that kind of stuff, you know?

Nardwuar:  Well, Glenn Danzig, your new LP, 6:66 Satan's Child continues,
like, your
strong lyrical presence! And you've had amazing lyrics in the past, like,
"Carve a hole in your distorted soul. I'm here to bang it!" Or, "I'm
coming in your hole. I waste you girl." I'm just curious, are you
de-mystifying sex through these lyrics? Are you degrading it to the
listener? What exactly is your angle on those?
Glenn Danzig: Umm, well it depends on the song, and the character I'm
writing as in the song.

Nardwuar:  Like, "Carve a hole in your distorted soul"-
Glenn Danzig: That's about the world. That has nothing to do with sex.

Nardwuar:  Oh, okay.
Glenn Danzig: Yeah. But the other line you, uh-

Nardwuar: "I'm coming in your hole. I waste you girl"?
Glenn Danzig: I don't say, "I waste you girl."  It says, "I'm coming in
your hole." And then it says, "I'm coming in your home." It's about
stalker. It's called "Stalker Song." It's about a stalker.  So it
alternates from "I'm coming in your home" to "I'm coming in your hole,"
um, and then, uh, the next line is, "I wish you would."

Nardwuar:  How do you feel about people reading into your lyrics-
Glenn Danzig: Fine-

Nardwuar:  Because I guess like many successful artists over the years
that have been
well-respected,  you have taken a lot of the heat for some of your  lyrics
and, I guess, thoughts you've put out there. Is it okay to read you an
excerpt of this interview that I found?
Glenn Danzig: Sure.

Nardwuar:  This is a NoMeansNo interview. I don't know if you are familiar
with the
punk band NoMeansNo?
Glenn Danzig: I can't stand them.

Nardwuar: Oh, you don't like them? Have you ever met them before?
Glenn Danzig: No.

Nardwuar: Okay, this is a NoMeansNo interview by John Durbin, in the
July/August 1998 issue of Vice Magazine, Volume 5, Number 6, page 38,
NoMeansno say, "Fuck Danzig! Whatever he does, our work is the opposite of
that. I think If he'd been two feet taller, he might have been a normal
human being. But he's stunted in more ways than one. To us, it's not just
show business. We're not a band that preaches in a negative way. Etc. etc.
etc." What do you think when you hear stuff like that, when people are
critiquing your lyrics like that?
Glenn Danzig: Um.... it's it's it's pretty funny. (laughs) They're just
haters. (laughs)

Nardwuar:  if if -
Glenn Danzig: They're just haters. If they saw me, they wouldn't say shit.

Nardwuar: Right-
Glenn Danzig: You know, they're probably go, "Oh could we go out on tour
with you?" You
know. They' just haters. Tons of haters. It's like if you're a struggling,
starving "indie" band playing at small little clubs and that they're doing
better than you then they like you. (laughs)

Nardwuar:  What do you think of these-
Glenn Danzig: They can go fuck themselves. And they probably do. So, there
you go.

Nardwuar:  What do you think of these lyrics, Glenn? "I'm the scarecrow
man, the
scarecrow man. I've come to kill you, I will, I'm gonna eat you, but I'm
still the scarecrow man, the scarecrow man."
Glenn Danzig: They're awful.

Nardwuar:  That's by the new Misfits.
Glenn Danzig: Yeah.

Nardwuar: Have you watched wrestling lately? Have you been taking any
pleasure in seeing your former bandmate in the Misfits ,Jerry ONLY,
getting his ass kicked wrestling?
Glenn Danzig: It's pretty funny but I can't stand seeing WCW wrestling
because it is so
like rednecky and so like geeky and it's like real soft. I can only watch
ECW and WWF where there's like realy violence and blood and stuff. I can't
watch that fucking Ted Turner crap.

Nardwuar: So you've seen Jerry though on wrestling. I guess you can't
really get away
from it, can you?
Glenn Danzig: It's pretty funny. I mean, it's sad they just come on for
like two seconds
and they get their asses kicked. (laughs) I don't know why they're on
there. I guess it's just to get their asses kicked. I don't know. (laughs)

Nardwuar:  On your new CD, Glenn, 6:66 Satan's Child, you have a song
"Cold Eternal."
Do you like sunlight?
Glenn Danzig: Huh. No, I don't. I know it's necessary but I don't really
like it that much.

Nardwuar:  The song you wrote for Johnny Cash, "13," which is also on 6:66
Child has a line in it,  "When the ink starts to itch, then the black will
turn to red." Is that autobiographical?

Glenn Danzig: Um, it kind of is, yeah, but it is more, in other words,
it's a take on, you know, when somebody starts... pissing, you know, in
this case, I wrote the song about Johnny Cash, my impression of him. I
wrote it for him. Um, it's my impression of
like if you have a tattoo and if someone is pissing you off and it starts
to itch, that means it's going to be blood.

Nardwuar: What do you think of bands like that like Plan 9 or... the
Astrozombies or
Misfits cover bands?
Glenn Danzig: I think some of them are better than the Misfits actually
right now.
(laughs) That's my atti - you know, that's the way I see it. It's sad but

Nardwuar:  Some of them are pretty authentic. Like, my friend Rob Nesbitt
and his band the Astro-Zombies, he painted like three pairs of gloves and
he had a seamstress cut the same indent you had on your gloves in the
Glenn Danzig: Uh huh.

Nardwuar:  And then he like cut and sewed his own Captain Harlock shirt,
had two
skeletons shirts, a simple one and another one modelled on a zipper that
he saw you wearing on some other shirt.
Glenn Danzig: Man, I just painted it on a fucking longsleeve T-shirt.

Nardwuar: Really?
Glenn Danzig: That's it. Yeah. (laughs)

Nardwuar: Like he spent hours. And he spent a hell of a time getting tight
as well.
Glenn Danzig: Yeah. I used to do this one thing where I would collect the
sleeves, and
also the collars, I would put snaps on them. That's about it.

Nardwuar: So he went to all this length doing it! I guess he was
where do you get tight T-shirts? Do you, like, on tour, do you ever go to
like the women's section of a thrift shop and look for tight fitting
How do you find those tight fitting shirts? How do you find those tight
fitting shirts  , Glenn?
Glenn Danzig: Um, if you want a tight fitting shirt, the easiest way is if
you're like a
medium, you buy a small. (laughs) It's pretty simple.

Nardwuar:  But how about finding some uh-
Glenn Danzig: Your friend should invest in some braincells! (laughs)

Nardwuar:Well how about really small ones? Have you ever gone to like a
K-Mart and
tried on a kiddie sized shirt, or one of those Incredible Hulks ones? Does
that work well?
Glenn Danzig: No, it doesn't work well. As a matter of fact, um,  Jay from
Orgy was
like into, while we were doing the mixing, he was into like wearing shirts
that were like... eighteen sizes too small. (laughs) I mean, I remember me
and Eerie trying to make like, uh, Garbage Pail Kids T-shirts fit us,
you know, we were trying to get the largest kiddie size that there was,
they just didn't fit! (laughs)

Nardwuar:  How did you, did you buy them? Or were you trying them on right
in the
K-Mart? How did you-
Glenn Danzig: Oh, yeah, you had to buy them. So you try and buy a kids
large or
extra-large, and try and you know, fit into it, but it just wouldn't work
and it would just start ripping up the sides or whatever, so I would just
save it for my collection or whatever.

Nardwuar: They didn't let you try them on in the store or anything then,
Glenn Danzig: No, but it wouldn't work anyway because then if you rip
you'd got to pay
for it anyway.

Nardwuar: Have you ever played a gig in Danzig, the city of Danzig?
Glenn Danzig: No.

Nardwuar: Because that was like the free city that was like the flashpoint
for World
War II and it was also the-
Glenn Danzig: That was the German city that was taken away from them.

Nardwuar: Yeah, it was also where the movie Tin Drum was set.
Glenn Danzig: Uh.

Nardwuar: Have you ever seen Tin Drum?
Glenn Danzig: Yeah.

Nardwuar: And now it is known as Gdansk, where Solidarity's Lesh Walennza
was from.
Glenn Danzig: Wow!

Nardwuar: And Glenn, you have brought a lot of joy into people's lives. A
guy I know is a courier in LA, and he says, you know,  you've made it in
LA when  you're like , your day has been made-- because he has been doing
all these menial tasks --when you are like driving through Hollywood Hills
and you see Glenn Danzig, shirtless, washing his Porsche in Hollywood
Hills! It's just like... you've totally made it. And Beck has also
commented on this in an interview recently , are you a big fan of Beck,
Glenn Danzig: No. (laughs)

Nardwuar: Not NoMeansNo, or Beck either! Because this is what Beck said
recently in an interview where he was interviewed driving throughtout Los
Angeles , "Everything's going upscale around here," Beck says, scanning
the manicured lawns and homes, "except for Glenn Danzig's house."  The
horror-rocker lives in a quaintly  sepulchral hacienda with a large pile
of bricks out front. "He's had that stack of bricks there for about eight
years now," Beck says. "I think it's a statement."
Glenn Danzig: Yeah. It's a statement that I ain't Beck. And I ain't "going
upscale." How's that?

Nardwuar: That's for sure! Is there a pile of bricks outside your house?
Glenn Danzig: Sure is.

Nardwuar: Wow oh boy - wow, that's, that's wild to think that Beck
might have been driving out in your neighbourhood looking for inspiration.
Glenn Danzig: (laughs)

Nardwuar: And Glenn Danzig, on the Danzig Home Video, the security guards
T-shirts that say  "God Don't Like It." What does god not like?
Glenn Danzig: Uh, God doesn't like anybody calling his shit out.

Nardwuar: Calling his shit out.
Glenn Danzig: I was exposing how phony all, mostly all religion is.

Nardwuar: Now there's lesbianism in the Bible too, isn't there? Like in
the Old
Testaments the matriarchs-
Glenn Danzig: There's everything in there.

Nardwuar: Yeah, but what was the most surprising thing you found in there?
Just for
beginners, in the Old Testament? The matriarchs lie together?
Glenn Danzig: There's lots of different stuff in there that would, would
shock people and
then when you tell people they don't believe it like that, where human
sacrifice appears, and when you tell them that God asked Abraham to kill
his son, I mean, people say, "No, that's not in the Bible." I'm like,
"Yeah, it's in the Bible, man." They had to do animal and human sacrifices
to God. "No, they never did." Yup, they did. (laughs)

Nardwuar:  Are you into giving bones out as Christmas presents or
anything? Or just bones as gifts for people?
Glenn Danzig: No.

Nardwuar: Is it really that frustrating that there is only one distributor
for comic
books? Is there any other way to get them into the stores?
Glenn Danzig: No, it's pretty much a monopoly.

Nardwuar: How can that... be? At least with records there's a few, or
there's like
indie distributors.
Glenn Danzig: Um, the main company, Diamond, put them all out of business.
(laughs) ... Hey man, I've got to go answer the door. I'm the only guy

Nardwuar: Okay, uh, Glenn, just one last thing. Who do you think would win
a fight, Satan or Superman?
Glenn Danzig: Um. Satan.

Nardwuar: And, Glenn Danzig, doot doola doot doo....
Glenn Danzig: Whatever.

Nardwuar: Doot doola doot doo...
Glenn Danzig: You're nuts!