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Addicted To Noise, 9/21/96   
Danzig Ready To Scare You Again

Hey, Danzig for Halloween. What could be a better treat?
   The new Danzig album is complete, and will be titled  Blackacidevil.' 
The album will be released--are you ready for this?--on Halloween. That 
should make it even more scary. The first single, "Sacrafice," is not 
actually about ritual sacrifice, according to Glenn Danzig himself.
Rather, Danzig claims it's "basically about sacrificing yourself 
throughout your life. It's about giving a little more than you should 
be giving. It's not about... it's a play on words, not about killing 
animals. It's more about killing yourself, little by little." Other songs 
on the album: "Hint Of Her Blood," "Ashes," "Power of Darkness" and a new 
version of the epic Black Sabbath classic, "Hand of Doom" with new lyrics 
penned by Mr. D. Danzig is already out on the road, opening for Ozzy 
(Osborne, that is). The new album is said to have more of an industrial 
sound and features Alice In Chains' guitarist Jerry Cantrell on three 
tracks: "See All You Were," "Come To Silver" and the aforementioned 
"Hand of Doom."