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THE OMEN   Oct. 10, 1994

Entertainment Overflows in Section Hate--But at Least It's Danzig
By Sean Jaffe

   Danzig 4
   American Recordings
   By Danzig, imagine that.
   Danzig's music has always conjured up images of some smug
demon cheerfully enjoying the little perks of his line of work. I
think the guy has no greater pleasure in his life than creating
fear and fascination, especially through the artistic use of
power and emotion.
   I can relate to that.
   Danzig 4 is a happily threatening album, rife with imagery of
smiling sinners and the usual descents into the realm where these
descents tend to end. The other musicians don't seem to
completely back Glenn up sometimes, but overall it works out. The
stoic misery of "Going Down To Die" and the mysterious atrocity
of "Sadistikal" are particularly compelling.
   The album starts off at full throttle with "Brand New God" and
from there slips directly into "Little Whip," which still has me
a little confused as to its title, primarily because the little
whip in question is the one who is being victimized. (Well that's
how it seems to me, anyway.) After that, it slows down a little
with "Cantspeak" and picks up again with the aforementioned
"Going Down To Die" and "Until You Call on the Dark," the best
songs on the first side, in my opinion.
   The second side starts out in an equally strong and joyously
blasphemous vein with "Bringer of Death," and goes into the
sadomasochistic funeral march that is "Sadistikal," also
mentioned above. I love the flogging noise in the background of
that song. ["And we'll flog ice creams, 'till the company's on
its knees...." Oh, sorry, wrong band. -Ed.] Then comes "Son of
the Morning Star" and "I Don't Mind the Pain," which, although
certainly not BAD songs, didn't excite me too much either.
Fortunately they are followed up by "Stalker Song," a really
nightmarish song with a Manson-esque "I'm a cold blooded killer
and I'm in your head" sort of feel. (If you close your eyes
he could be right behind you. Wheee!) [EEK! -Ed.] Finally, there
is a sort of torture-vampiric-infernal-Sabbath-love-song kinda
thing called "Let It Be Captured" which almost (but not quite)
wraps things up nicely. ["but not quite"? Why, whatever could you
be hinting at? Hmm... -Ed.]
   This is a good album, and it's nice to see that there are
still some guys out there playing heavy metal, no matter what you
call it. It is a good compliment to their other albums, and I
would suggest it to anyone with an interest.