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Demonesque Danzig finds horror flicks attract him


  Glenn Danzig is set to make his feature film debut this year in "Prophecy
  "I did a lot of my own stunts, a lot of fighting," the muscle-bound
rocker-turned-actor said last week in a phone interview from a concert tour
stop in New York.
  Talk about typecasting - Danzig plays a dark angel, a role not that far
removed from the persona he projects onstage with the heavy metal band that
bears his name.  The group's latest album, "Blackacidevil," was released
last Halloween.  It finds Danzig singing about familiar (i.e. demonic)
themes while dabbling with a new, industrial-oriented sound that owes more
to Nine Inch Nails than Black Sabbath (although a cover of the latter band's
"Hand of Doom" is included).
  "I wanted to make a really extreme record," Danzig explained, "something
that was night-and-day different from corporate rock bands like Pearl Jam.
I added stuff like industrial sounds, which is really just noise, some pro-
gramming and a little techno here and there.  I put it all together and
made it really hard and brutal."
  Judging from the complaints and critiques posted in an On-line forum for
Danzig devotees, the musical rethink has alienated some fans.
  "They can either get with it or just play the old records," said Danzig,
no stranger to fresh starts of late.  He recently signed to a new label,
Hollywood Records, and parted company with longtime bandmates Eerie Von
and John Christ.  Backing Danzig on this tour are drummer Joey Castillo,
bassist Josh Lazie and former Prong guitarist Tommy Victor.
  "Danzig wasn't created to have a stable Imeup,"  Danzig said. "It stayed
stable too long and it started getting stale.  I should have made some
changes sooner."
  Clearly, Danzig isn't  the most sentimental guy in the, world.  When his
old punk band, the Misfits, reunited for a tour last year, Danzig was
conspicuous by his absence.  It's a sore subject; he groaned when it was
brought up.
  "I don't like talking about it," Danzig said.  "The Misfits died in 1983.
Picking up new people and calling it the Misfits is just really sad and
  Danzig may simply be too busy to wax nostalgic.  In addition to his
full-time job as a spooky head-banger, he moonlights as the C.E.O. of an
adult comic book company, Verotik.
  Then there's also his budding movie career.  Danzig could barely contain
his excitement when he let it be known that he's up for a part in Wes
Craven's next horror flick.
  "He's one of my all-time favorite directors," Danzig gushed.  "I mean,
'Nightmare on Elm Street' -- the first one and the third one are awesome."

  For your information

  Danzig appears at the Agora Theatre, 5000 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, at 9
tonight.  Electric Hellfire Club and Powerman 5000 open.  Tickets are $17
at the club or through Ticketmaster at 241-5555 and 1-330945-9300 in Akron.

[This article also includes a photo of Glenn and the caption: "Glenn Danzig
 showing off pecs in a concert, makes his movie debutlater this year."]