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      Most bios begin by providing you with trivial details about
 the artist's personal lives. Well, you can find out everything
 you need to know about Glenn Danzig and his band, aptly named
 Danzig, by listening to their songs.  Glenn speaks through his
 songs and what he doesn't say through his music he doesn't wish
 to share.
      But Danzig is more than just a collection of great songs,
 it's a new band that creates new music even as it preserves those
 qualities that made classic rock -great.  In other words, it's
 both timely and timeless.  This music will sound as good ten
 years from now as it does today.  And, while their debut LP,
 Danzig, reflects the controlled yet manic intensity of their
 super charged live performances, it will stay with you long after
 your ears have stopped ringing.  It is every bit as voluminous as
 heavy metal, but this is also introspective music you can reflect
 upon and think about.  The power without the plastics.  A
 thinking man's band that drives audiences into a frenzy.  Those
 are some of the reasons producer Rick Rubin chose Danzig to be
 the flagship for his new label, Def American Records, to release
 through Geffen/Warners.  More than two years in the making, the
 LP captures the band in all its complexities and contradictions.
     Danzig was formed to realize Glenn's personal vision; a
 vision that in the past has been marred by others.  Bands like The
 Misfits and Samhain garnered a solid cult following due almost
 entirely to Glenn's melodic sense and charismatic voice.  Tired
 of being just a cult phenomenon, Glenn decided to create a band
 that would be the ultimate evolution of his ideas.  Danzig is the
 result.  This is the band that all the fans of The Misfits and
 Samhain have been waiting for.  It is also the band everyone else
 has been waiting for, whether they know it or not.
     When producer Rick Rubin asked Glenn who his favorite
 drummer was, Glenn unhesitatingly chose Chuck Biscuits.  To many
 fans Chuck needs no introduction, since his stints with Black
 Flag and The Circle Jerks have made him the West Coast's hottest
 property.  Guitarist John Christ is a schooled virtuoso whose
 personal preferences lean towards the Black Sabbath influence.
 Needless to say, he doesn't sacrifice passion for technique,
 although he's got plenty of both.  Eerie Von, on the other hand,
 loves his bass almost as much as he loves himself.  This purveyor
 of raunchy rock is also a lifelong afficianado of the female
 form, bound and gagged.
     Glenn Danzig is a songwriter of recognized talent whose
 works have been recorded by a host of legendary performers, from
 Roy Orbison to Metallica.  His music and lyrics often reflect his
 fascination with the study of pagan religions such as Celtic and
 Black Satanic Catholicism.  And, although he maintains a healthy
 scholarly interest in these things, his personal beliefs are
 nobody's business.

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