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The Toronto Sun, Mon. May 18, 1993

By Jim Slotek

SATAN CLAUSE IS COMING TO TOWN: You're Danzig, pagan-metal gods and you
expect certain things to be just right in every port of plunder.
    It's called a "rider," a legal document spelling out the backstage
amenities the promoter will provide. For their gig yesterday at the Concert
Hall, Danzig's must-have list included, among other things: Guinness Stout,
whiskey, Ju Jubes, Gummi Bears, Snapple Iced Tea, a carton of Winston
cigarettes, low-fat milk, pizza, KFC chicken...
    Oh, and one more thing, "Please provide the following...," the rider
goes on: "Ten (10) girls between the age of 18-24. Must have High School
diploma and a general knowledge of politics, religion and sports and not
live more than a five (5) dollar cab ride from the venue."
    P.S. We did not make this up.

(Band photo with the caption: "WITH FOUR YOU GET EGGROLL... Metalhead band
Danzig has quite a shopping list for its tour.")