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Danzig, Adding to The Equation

  Having spawned an enduring cult band, the Misfits, by adding metal and
camp to punk rock, Glenn Dan zig isn't about to give up on a good formula,
especially since these days the combination's more popular than ever.
  He's also not above adding to it, as his current, eponymous band's show at
the 9:30 Club Thursday night demonstrated.  Besides a dash of extra '70s
leadenness in the riffs, Danzig's most useful discovery is a loping,
graveyard blues to match his always-horrific lyrics.  "She Rides" was an
impeccable vehicle for his lazy, sinister growl.  It's too bad the band
wasn't interested in exploiting that bizarre niche more often.  The
alternative numbers remained close to straight-up heavy metal or slight
variations on former Danzig (the Man) projects-even a couple of Misfits
  Guitarist John Christ and bassist Eerie Vaughn wrenched their strings to
shadow the vocals' exaggerated intensity.  Those who expected a show out of
veteran hardcore drummer Chuck Bisquits, however, were disappointed-the
sameness of many Danzig rhythms, kept his contributions subdued. 
  -Kathi Whalen