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                 P.O. Box 3608
                 Los Angeles, CA 91407                   

                 LONG WAY BACK FROM HELL TOUR Update

 The guys are off the road for a short break so it's a perfect
 time to wish Eerie Von a happy birthday.  Since Eerie was on the
 road for the big day, we don't want to make him feel we missed it
 entirely so let's start those cards and gifts coming.  The band
 will be home for the next two to three weeks so plan now and we
 will have a belated birthday bash for the bass man.

 Maybe I didn't properly do my duty to all of you Danzigheads by
 not giving you the scoop on the band's birthdays but I will
 correct that now.  Eerie Von's was August 25th so it won't be so
 late if you start those cards and gifts coming now.  Remember a
 sense of humor is important in choosing Eerie's card or gift, he
 has a great sense of humor.  The Christ man is next in line for
 well wishes on February 19th, so you have a few months to think
 about what to send to the man responsible for those incredible
 Danzig riffs.  The stick man, Chuck Biscuit, comes next since his
 birthday will be April 7th, Just when the weather becomes
 appealing in some places.       Perfect shopping time.    Then, of
 course, the Danzig man himself was born on June 23rd Just in time
 to split the year in half.  So no one can complain if they don't
 get it right.  You heard it here first.

 Let me now thank everyone for all the help with the radio and
 MTV.   Keep it up!      We are now going to change our strategy
 regarding MTV.  Since they have been writing letters to many of
 you (I even received one) saying that if you want a band played
 you have to call and request them on Dial MTV, that's exactly
 what we are going to do. Let's tie up that poseur/glam Dial MTV
 line by calling Monday through Thursday requesting "Her Black
 Wings" twice a day.  If we don't get on, we'll make sure no else
 does.    I have enclosed the calling times with this letter. The
 best thing is that the call is free for us but it costs MTV
 money.  Call often and call now!

 I want to take a special moment to thank my California people.
 We appreciate all the work you have done by calling KNAC Radio
 and requesting "Her Black Wings".    If any of you would like to
 participate    in calling     KNAC, you are welcome      to call,
 unfortunately it is not toll free.  The number is 213/437-5622.

 We all need to continue calling the radio stations but add
 "Killer Wolf" to our requests along with "Her Black Wings".

                     NEXT UP - THE KILLER CONTEST

 You will now get a chance to show us what you would do for
 Danzig.    Information coming up next week. Watch for your next

 The Danzig Way, The Only Way