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  Let me begin by saying I hope everyone had a safe and killer holiday!  We did.
  There is going to be so much happening this year.

  DANZIG has been back from Europe since December.  They had a great holiday.  The boys still
  have a little time off before they go back on the road.

  Lets take some time to wish John "The Christ Man" Christ a very Happy Birthday on February
  19th.  He will be on the road for the special day, but he will get all of the cards and gifts that have
  started to come in and will be coming in.  John has a hell of an imagination and is a true lover of
  art, all kinds of art, so use your imagination!

  To everyone who has sent information regarding stores selling bootleg merchandise, we thank
  you.  Keep up the good work!  There are so many places still selling bootleg merchandise, so, if
  you come across stores please let us know.  Remember, anytime bootleg merchandise is
  bought it's money out of DANZIG's pocket.  So please don't buy bootleg merchandise!

  Here are the names of the contest winners of the "What Would You Do For DANZIG

  First Prize Winner: John Singleton.

  Second Prize Winners: Denise Orluck, Andrew Solner, Jeremy Marsh, Pat Tracy,
  Christopher Hall, Aprylla Hell, Danny Penland, Johnny Favorite, Shannon Grimes, Troy
  Schoeller, Paul Massa, Mike Bub, Matt Sakers.

  Third Prize Winners: Chris Puryear, Chris Abel, Don Grzelak, Seph, Mitch Dyer, Chris
  Towns, Patrick Lutts, Patrick Labuda, Jennifer Martin, Rob Savage, Paul Arrieta, Tony Cada,
  Jeff Beaver.

  Now a recap of 1990 with DANZIG.

  For anyone who wasn't on the DANZIG Team and a part of DANZIG's success in 1990, 1 feel
  sorry for them.  How could anyone forget the waiting and anticipating of "DANZIG II
  LUCIFUGE" when it came out in July.

  When it hit, it hit hard!  There was no stopping DANZIG.  It was hard and sometimes impossible
  to find a CD let alone a tape.

  When the boys hit the road for the long awaited "Long Way Back From Hell Tour" things really
  got started.  They hit everywhere you can imagine and sometimes even went back for more!
  In November DANZIG went to Europe.  They hit everywhere from England to Germany.
  Worldwide the awesome presence of DANZIG was felt.
  Those people who missed DANZIG's show really missed a lot.
  Last year so much happened!  In some cities DANZIG played, they did in stores and some
  Force members and supporters got to meet the band and talk to them and some people even
  got letters or postcards from someone in DANZIG.
  This year there will be so much happening.  The "Angels of the Seventh Dawn" will be starting
  up soon.  There will be more contests as well as other good stuff.
  There is no way to thank everyone for all the help in getting "Her Black Wings" and "Killer
  Wolf" on MTV.  I know everyone worked hard to get DANZIG played on the radio.  Keep up
  the good work and if you have any stations you think should be playing DANZIG just put the
  pressure on them like you have in the past.  Everyone has shown that DANZIG will not be
  ignored and definitely will not go away.
  Look for information coming.  As I find out about new tour dates I will make sure you know
  them.  DANZIG wants to see everyone at their shows having a good time.
  Thanks again for all the help and continued support of DANZIG.  We will make sure 1991 is the
  year of DANZIG