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Where were we?  When last you received a newsletter, it was March.  Well
here it is July 4th and I'm a bit behind.  My typewriter is broken too.
Here goes:

In April John Christ was in the studio working on a track for a CD
compilation for Guitar For The Practicing Musician.  It's slated 2B
released in October.  The song was recordeded in one 18 hour session here
in Hollywood.  The track is called "For Christ's Sake," and Chuck Biscuits
plays drums on it.

The video footage for "Sistinas" was shot around this time as well.  With
Glenn directing once again, the shoot lasted 2 days.  Former adult film
star Taylor Wayne was his co-star.  The final result contains live shots
from the last tour, along with studio footage of Glenn + Taylor.  I did
the still photography on the shoot.

Chuck Biscuits celebrated a birthday on April 17th, giving him 18 years as
a drum god.

The 1st leg of the THRALL-DEMONSWEAT tour started off in Nashville this
time on May 12th, and stops included: Indianapolis, Kalamazoo, Detroit
(where Jessie James broke his elbow last time!), N.Y.C., Boston and
Baltimore.  The Ritz show in N.Y. was killer, thanks a lot for that!

Finally Danzig made it back to Canada, with good results.  We played
Toronto and Montreal.  While in the great white north Glenn and I did a
television interview for Canadian MTV or Much Music (as it's called).  It
was very kool, much better than our MTV.

Then it was off to Europe: Here's how day one went: 2 hour wait for our
flight in Baltimore.  Two-three hours once we get to J.F.K. in N.Y.C.
Flight time to Vienna was 10-13 hours.  Long day.

Our 1st date was a festival called Rock in Vienna.  On the bill was Lenny
Kravitz, Robert Plant, Def Leppard + Ugly Kid Joe, to name a few.  The huge
stage was fun for John and I to run around on but, Glenn hated it.  Daytime,
outdoor gigs, are not our favorites, for obvious reasons - All of our drives
in Europe were 10-12 hours, usually after each show.  Not fun at all.  Our
next festival (60,000 people) was in Nurnburg at a famous racetrack (autos)
called Nurbring so the show was called "Rock At The Ring".  It rained almost
all day.  That sucked.  You sit in a tiny trailer, waiting for 6 or 8 hours
to go on.  What a drag.  The rain let up for us a bit, and the band went
over well, and received an encore. (very unusual for a festival)

The Black Crowes were on this show along with Robert Plant + Def Leppard.
Glenn almost punched out Joe Elliot from Def Leppard.  Even our own security
sometimes can't handle Mr. Danzig.  A few words and kicks or so were
exchanged.  Then, as Glenn puts it "those guys wimped out."  Hopefully no
lawsuits huh?  Like they need the cash.  Ha-ha.

That was the show where Chuck fucked up his knee so bad that I had to let
him lean on me the rest of the day.  But all things considered the show
moved the band up a run on the ladder 2 success.

A twelve hour drive to Berlin where we almost had 2 cancel, the next nights
show.  But Biscuits came through, played with the pain and the gig was

Then Munich, then another festival, in the middle of a hayfield.  Sort of
like a mini wood-stock.  We were co-headlining and pulled in about 10,000
people.  It was in a town called Ochtrup.

Our last show was with 10 bands we'd never heard of in a shithole packed
with a thousand people.  What a way 2 end.

This past June 23rd Glenn had another birthday.  No celebrations.  That's
how he likes it.

There's still talk of recording or starting album #4 in December, but right
now It's Coming Down off the new 1/2 live 1/2 studio EP is being played
a lot they tell us.  Response to the EP has been great, thanks of course to
our loyal followers.

Well it's back on tour starting July 21st, starting in Norfolk, VA.  Going
all the way 2 Hawaii, Japan, Australia + New Zealand - now it's photo shoots,
fan mail and interviews till then.  Gotta go; see you on the road -

EV, Glenn, Chuck + John