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Unknown New Orleans Newspaper, 10/82


NEW ORLEANS (UPI) - Seven punk rock music fans looking for the tomb of a
voodoo queen and arrested for trespassing have filed complaints against city
police.  A police spokesman declined comment on the case Sunday pending
results of an internal investigation.  Police arrested 18 people including
members of the punk band The Misfits.  Police said several members of the
group carried chains and many of the women sported bald heads or Mohawk
haircuts.  A 16 year old girl arrested at the cemetery filed a false arrest
and battery complaint, claiming an officer struck her in the face with a
flashlight when she refused to say whether she was male or female.  Carlos
Diaz, 27, of Metarie, LA, told police the group went to the cemetery to find
the tomb of legendary voodoo queen Marie Laveau following a performance by
the band.  He said they looked through the cemetery gates, but had not
entered the grounds when they were arrested.