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Back in late 1979/early 1980, Doyle gave me the "Horror Business" and
"Bullet" singles when I expressed interest in the Misfits.  I dug the
stuff a lot, but I craved more Later in early 1981 he told me that he
had a whole bunch of new Misfits stuff, as well as the unreleased
Static Age music, and that I should check it out.  At the time, I only
had an 8-track player at my disposal, so he put all this incredible
stuff on tape for me.  The "new stuff" he spoke of was the MSP
sessions and this is the sound and the songs I first fell in love
with.  The whole session had a great drum sound, good production,
jackhammer bass and guitars all in perfect sync and incredible vocals.  
I played that tape constantly, I practiced drums to it and I even
listened to it before basketball games - to psyche myself up!

The MSP sessions were a turning point for the Misfits and it was
August of 1980, just a year and a half since the now legendary Static
Age recordings.  The band's sound had evolved and a great
metamorphosis was about to be captured on tape.  They were well
rehearsed, the songs were strong and the arrangements were simple -
but extremely effective and powerful.

I remember Doyle riding his bicycle from Grove street in Lodi to my
side of town with the 3 Hits From Hell single and poster under his arm
the whole way.  Right then he told me about the new "Rock-a-billy"
track that they were working on (that would become "American
Nightmare" but that's another story…).  Shortly after that Doyle did
his first show with the band and took over for Bobby Steele on a
permanent basis.  The show was at Irving Plaza in New York City and
Doyle was really excited about it.  It was the first show I ever saw
them at too.

In the summer of 1981 I did a photo session with the band, now known
as the "cave" photos and I continued to shoot them until their
break-up in 1983.  Some of these photos from this recording's era and
line-up are seen here in this packaging for the first time, ever.

The MSP sessions were ultimately used as demos for the Walk Among Us
album (which came out in 1982).  And as much as I love that album, I
think these sessions have a feeling and a quality that the latter
sessions would lack.  These versions are special and they represent a
moment when the Misfits created a sound all of their own - one that's
still just as fresh and exciting today as it was back in the fall of
1980.  I still listen to this session all the time and I'm glad
they're being re-mastered and released on CD - because that old
8-track of mine is just about worn out!

So, add this vital piece of the Misfits puzzle to your collection and
hear the moment all those pieces fell into place.  The Misfits rule!

- Eerie Von / 2001