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[This interview took place on 9/23/82.]

All Hell Breaks Loose
  Interview by R K

This band is lethal.  They must be heard and seen.  There is little else that
can be said about them that is not obvious in their songs and image.  The
lyrics show the gorey and bizarre side of the news that is considered too
extreme for general consumption.  The music is powerful and furious.  Lead
singer, Glenn Danzig, accurately defines the band as "real modern American
horror."  They were the first "horror rock" band and were copied by many.

Formed in 1978 the band went through a number of personnel changs.  The most
recent addition is that of former Black Flag drummer, Robo who played on the
"Damaged" LP.  The band in one form or another released a number of 7"
records:  "Cough/Cool," "Bullet," "Night of the Living Dead," "3 Hits From
Hell," "Halloween," and Glenn Danzig's solo "Who Killed Marilyn?"  Also to
their credit is the Beware 12" and the Misfits "Walk Among Us" LP.

I have yet to come across a band that has a more closer relationship with
their fans then this one.  The Fiend Club, which is run by the band, sends
out free photos and pins to fans.  When the band tours, they stay at fans'
homes which helps in keeping the band going.

The new LP "Earth A.D." will be recorded when their current US tour brings
them to California.  The band should be playing in Connecticut soon, so keep
and eye out.  It will be their first show here since 1978 at the Sandy Gaff
(remember that place?).

I spoke with each member of the band on the night before they kicked off
their second US this year.


RK:  How would you describe your music?

J:  It's very intense.  I think it's real.

RK:  Why the horror image?

J:  It kind of fit in.  It was pretty much the way we were.  We were always
working in things like this, always taking a monster attitude towards things.
 Like when we were small, we were always into stuff like that anyway, so it
just kind of evolved.  So when you're with a band you try to do what you do
best.  So, for us, it just happened to be because that's what we've been
familiar with for so long.  It's a natural.  It makes it good.

RK:  With so many people in and out of the band, why have you and Glenn (the
two founding members) stuck it out for so long?

J:  Well, because we always had, more or less, the same outlook in what we
figured we should be doing and we just figured there was nothing that was
gonna make us stop or change our views in any way.  It's always been what
we've been able to do rather than what we wanted to do.  We would do so much
more if we had the facilities and resources.  But, for the most part, we
stuck with what we wanted to do and as best as we could.  A lot of times we
would go overboard, but it's always been the same outlook.

RK:  How do you handle the shows?

J:  I just kind of live through everything that happens and keep my head
about it and keep going.

RK:  What is the main thing that you're saying to people?

J:  More or les, it's kind of like be yourself and reach goals that you dream
abou rather than goals that are visible and fairly easily obtainable. Shoot
for the stars and give it a good crack.

RK:  Anything else you'd care to mention?

J:  Don't get absorbed by stuff that makes a lot of money because that's the
only reason people see it all the time.  It sucks for the most part.


RK:  Is there any differences between playing with the Misfits and Black

R:  Not quite, I don't think so.  They're prettty much both hardcore bands.
 I like them very much. I like both bands about the same.

RK:  How did you mange to get into this band?

R:  Well, I was in L.A. and I started looking for another band and I talked
to Henry (Rollins, Black Flag lead singer) and some of the guys in Black Flag
and SST and they told me the Misfits were looking for a drummer.  I had seen
them before in Frisco and I liked them very much.  So, I said, "Hey, I'd like
a chance."  So, here I am.

RK:  How long have you been playing drums?

R:  Not too long, maybe seven or eight years.


RK:  What are your lyrics about?

G:  Gore.  That's the principle thing.  Some occult.  The occult is something
you should know about, maybe something you shouldn't play around with.

RK:  You read a lot about that?

G:  I research everything.  I research anything I can.  That's what I am.  If
I ever leave this job, I could probably be a researcher.  I get into things
then I've got to find out all about them.

RK:  As far as with the occult?

G:  Don't play around with it.  It's nothing to play around with.  If you're
serious about it, know what you're doing long before you do it.

RK:  Why do you do what you do?

G:  It's just there. Part of it is like....a lot of our songs are based on
true incidents, true things that have happened.  A lot of people read our
lyrics and say "Oh how funny" but, a lot of these people don't read
newspapers or read the kind of stuff I read.  Like the whole werewolf clan up
in the mountains that are devouring people and pickling their inards in jars
and things.  That's the the kind of stuff that I'm interested in.  I read
about all that kind of stuff.  If people don't like what we sing about, fine.
 Don't come to our shows and don't buy our records, but most people do
because they get curious.  It might get them to read something they might not
normally do.

RK:  How would you describe the band?

G:  Terror music.  Power, killer music.  We're very interested in power.  A
lot of bands start to get older and they start to change their music.  They
mellow out and we're not like that.  We're just about power.

RK:  Ist here anything else you'd like to say to the people who'll be reading

G:  Yeah, if you're an asshole don't come to our shows.


RK:  How did you get into the band?

D:  I was interested in what they were doing and they were having problems
with their other guitarist.  Jerry's my brother.

RK:  Is this your first band?

D:  Yeah, Glenn taught me how to play guitar.

RK:  How would you define your music for someone who has never heard it

D:  Power.

RK:  You're very serious in what you do.

D:  I don't take it as a joke, no.

RK:  When you play live, what do you say to an audience?

D:  I want to kill you.  I try to be like a grinder, a buzz saw when I play.

RK:  What are the shows like?

D:  We played at the Whiskey one night, a surprise guest show before the
Dickies and the audience didn't know what the fuck was going on.  We did six
songs and that was it.

RK:  What was their reaction?

D:  They were scared.  They were all backing up.

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