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Continental Crawler

During the time he was in The Misfits, Jim "Mr. Jim" Catania also played for his other band, Continental Crawler. The two bands never played a show together.

# Time Vocals/Guitar Bass/Vocals Guitar/Keyboards Percussion
1 03//1977 - 01//1978 Stevie Lin Mike Myers   Jim Catania
2 01//1978 - 05//1980 Stevie Lin Mike Myers Charlie "Space" Jones Jim Catania
    For Real!: CB 568                                      March 1979
    1  Time Flies When I'm Dancin' | Waitin' For The Sun To Shine
    2  So Good To Be Here

  Format:    7" EP.
  Pressing:  1000 copies.
  Lineup:    [2]
  Notes:     The band members are featured on the cover from left to right:
             Charlie, Stevie, Mike, and Jim.  Stevie Lin sang the first two 
             songs and Mike Myers sang the third.

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