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Misfits Central Time Line

08/09/1989 Mark Kennedy began compiling The Misfits Book, a massive discography that was first published in 1993 (Library Of Congress registration number TX-3-977-282). This same discography was used as a reference document in the 1993-1994 lawsuit to regain the right for Jerry and Doyle to perform and record as The Misfits.
05/03/1994 Mark Kennedy created the following ASCII Misfits logo:
05/04/1994 The first issue of The Misfits Bible ( was sent out with a subscription list of 4 (Mark Kennedy, Bob Swarek, Paul Hunnicutt, and Ethan Kennedy). Within a week or so the subscriber count was up to about 10, with the addition of Jim Eisele (aka Crimson Ghost), Ryq, Rob Flemming, Rob and Kate Sumner, Carl Sylvester, Ben White, and Richard Duran.
10/08/1994  The very first Misfits site on the internet, Misfits Central, was brought online with the URL Paul Hunnicutt came up with the name. First week stats are available here:

Misfits Central Server Usage

Week of Sun Oct 9 00:00:00 1994

  • Total accesses: 226
  • Total index accesses: 0
  • 10 sites accessing server most:
    • 56
    • 50
    • 30
    • 17
    • 16
    • 13
    • 9
    • 8
    • 7
    • 3
  • 10 items accessed most:
    • /~msk4m/home.html 33
    • /~msk4m/mark.html 20
    • /~msk4m 12
    • /~msk4m/bible.html 9
    • /~msk4m/pictures.html 8
    • /~msk4m/misfits.gif 8
    • /~msk4m/lyrics.html 7
    • /~msk4m/misfits1.txt 7
    • /~msk4m/discog.html 7
    • /~msk4m/Digest.1 6
1994-1995 Rob Flemming and Ryq supplied almost ALL of the Misfits guitar tab currently available on the Internet. Meanwhile, Mark Kennedy, Brett Fama, and others were busy figuring out and typing up lyrics to all Misfits songs. These lyrics, errors and all, were then used by Caroline Records in the Collection II and The Misfits Box Set releases.
03/__/1995 Glenn Danzig first learned of the existence of Misfits Central. During a Verotik appearance at Golden Apple comics in Hollywood, CA, Ryq asked Danzig, "Did you know there was a site on the world wide web dedicated to The Misfits?" Danzig replied, "Yeah? It's probably all bullshit anyway."
11/__/1995 Michale Graves became the first online Misfit, using his (now defunct) address. For the next year and a half, he periodically e-mailed The Misfits Bible.
01/01/1996 Mark Kennedy was named official Misfits Fiend Club president in the first membership package sent out by Jerry Only.
05/01/1997 With the help of Salvator Miccicke, Misfits Central relocated to the URL The Undead's web site, with HTML code written by Bobby Steele himself, became The Misfits Bible was moved to
10/__/1997 The Misfits Bible shirts were finally made available for sale through the Misfits' official merchandise distributor - Souls Ablaze. The shirt was designed by subscriber Greg Petre.
12/__/1997 Due to a system crash, The Misfits Bible subscription list (at a record 1625 subscribers) was lost. The mailing list started from scratch again a few days later.
01/__/1998 Another massive effort was made to organize and correct all guitar tab and lyrics into the currently available form.
04/15/1998 After the arrival of the official Misfits site,, and the loss of, Misfits Central moved to and The Misfits Bible was discontinued. It was later started up again by Eric Larson.
11/01/1999 Misfits Central began undergoing a re-construction phase to "modernize" the discography and eliminate unneeded material.
03/13/2000 Misfits Central moved to
06/05/2001 Misfits Central moved to the server.
08/__/2001 After 12 years of existence as a conglomerate of plain text files and HTML 2.0/3.2/4.0 files, The Misfits Book and Misfits Central were fully converted to XHTML. Liberal amounts of Perl and PHP programming were also applied.
03/__/2002 entered a lengthy period of inactivity.
05/__/2005 The forum was added to the site. Seven months later, someone decided to hack it.
01/__/2006 Misfits Central received a minor design change.
12/29/2011 Misfits Central began using a new logo done by forum user pandafresh.


Special thanks to Tom Begrowicz, Elizabeth Bouras, Kenny Caiafa, "Mr." Jim Catania, Dr. Chud, Franché Coma, Brian Damage, Glenn Danzig, Kev Finn, Johnathan Grimm, Ed "Amon" Halbert, R.Hinojos, David Jackson, Kyle, London May, Pete "Damien" Marshall, Maurice "Devilman" Nunez, Jerry Only, Mark P., Russ Patterson, Mike Priddy, Patricia Ragan, Bobby Steele, Ted Stinson, Carl Sylvester, Chris Ternes, Eerie Von, Jenn Ward, Ken Ward, and Steve Zing for their help.


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