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Doomtree, fronted by former Samhain, Son Of Sam, Mourning Noise and Chyna member Steve Zing, first appeared live on the WFMU radio show on March 27, 2003. They played many live shows around the NYC/NJ area as well as dates in Hollywood and San Diego in August 2004, attended by many former bandmates. Their debut album Down Below was released in 2005. Sample songs and a cover of "White Christmas" are available at

# Time Vocals Bass Lead Guitar Rhythm Guitar Drums
1 2003 - now Steve Zing Danno Steve Falco Ronnie Borje John Caton

    1.  Erotic 
    2.  Stand and Fall 
    3.  Seven Lives 

  Format:    CD. 
  Lineup:    [1] 
  Notes:  These enhanced CDRs were handed out at the band's 2003 shows and 
          include the video for Severed. 
  Long Live Crime Records  LLC-CD-9                       March 22, 2005 
    1.   Severed 
    2.   Alive and Well 
    3.   Stand and Fall 
    4.   Seven Lives 
    5.   The Light 
    6.   Don't Ask Why 
    7.   Erotic 
    8.   A Perfect Way 
    9.   Down Below 
   10.   Soul Of Silence 

  Format:    CD. 
  Producer:  Zing, Falcon and Danno. 
  Lineup:    [1] 
  Sticker:   "Features former members of Samhain & Son Of Sam 
             remix Doomtree at"
  Notes:     Enhanced CD contains 12 minute video footage of Doomtree practice,
             recording, and mixing sessions and the "Severed" video. 

Live Recordings

  03/27/2003: WFMU; JERSEY CITY, NJ 

    Darkest Dream | Control | The Light | Perfect Way | Down Below 
    Alive and Well Don't Ask Why | Severed | Soul of Silence 
    Who Killed Marilyn? 

  Format:  Audio. 
  Time:    29 minutes. 
  Notes:   The band performed live in the WFMU studio. This performance was 
           also streamed live over the internet. Engineered by Diane Farris 
           and hosted by Pat Duncan.

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