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Band featuring former Danzig drummer Charlee X.

# Time Vocals Bass Guitar Guitar Drums
1 2001 Sarah Reitkopp Jhen Kobran Johnny Rock Jaime Richter Charlee Johnsson
2 2001 Sarah Reitkopp Regina Zernay Johnny Rock Jaime Richter Charlee Johnsson
   Megatronics/Dreamworks                                       2001

   1.  I Lied | Always | Drive Away | All By Myself | Held Under | Over
       Gun For Hire | Sell Out | Thanks For The Ride | Sober | Touch Down
       Devil Shoes | Glitter

  Lineup:    [1]
  Format:    CD
  Producer:  Ulrich Wild
  Pressing:  1st:  Megatronics/Dreamworks 0044-50289-2 (2001)

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