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I'm Afraid

After Rosemary's Babies broke up during the summer of 1983, Post Mortem (also known as R. Mortis) and Eerie Von went to a rehearsal studio with Chris Morance of Mourning Noise and recorded a version of "Pink Cadillac." The project was cancelled when Eerie joined Samhain. Several years later, Chris and R. Mortis got together and began writing songs as I'm Afraid. In 1989, they recorded a 4 song demo tape.

# Time Keyboards/Bass/Vocals Keyboards/Guitar/Vocals Drums
  08//1983 R. Mortis Chris Morance Eerie Von
1 1985 - R. Mortis Chris Morance (drum machine)
    Nightlatche                                            1989

    1  Highway Hypnosis | Imaginary | Bound And Gagged | I'm Afraid

  Format:    Cassette.
  Lineup:    [1]  
  Notes:     This cassette is available with two different sleeves.  One

             features only the group's logo (a mask) and song titles.  The 
             other also includes a band member listing.  The lyrics to 
             "Imaginary" were written by Ashley Morance.  Chris does vocals
             on tracks 1-2, and R. Mortis does vocals on tracks 1, 3-4.

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