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This band lasted only a few months, and broke up when Mike enrolled in college and Jon joined the Army. This band reformed less than 6 months later with a new guitarist as Mourning Noise.

# Time Vocals Bass Guitar Drums
1 1980 - 08//1980 Mike Mansfield Chris Morance Jon Carcich Steve Zing

Tour Dates

Date Venue Location Notes
Mike Mansfield - vocals | Chris Morance - bass | Jon Carcich - guitar | Steve Zing - drums
__/__/1981 Max's Kansas City New York, NY  
__/__/1981 Dirt Club Bloomfield, NJ  
__/__/1981 Show Place Dover, NJ  
__/__/1981 CBGB New York, NY  

Recording Sessions

1980 Lodi, NJ
# Song Time Release
1 Monster Madness _:__  
2 Laser Lights _:__  
3 Plastic Paradise _:__  
Jon Carcich: guitar
Mike Mansfield: vocals
Chris Morance: bass
Steve Zing: drums
Author: Mike Mansfield / Steve Zing
Publisher: One See Music

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