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Kryst The Conqueror

In 1987, Jerry Only (then known as Mo The Great) and Doyle formed Kryst The Conqueror. The band never had a lead singer and never toured. They hired Jeff Scott Soto (then of Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force) to do the vocals for their album. After Dr. Chud joined the band, Jerry and Doyle reformed The Misfits. Besides the songs listed below, the band also recorded "The Bride," "The Red Krypton Sun," "Curse Of The Cyclops," and "Beyond The Valley Of Death."

# Time Vocals Bass Guitar Drums
1 08//1987 - 11//1992 Mo The Great Doyle The Murp
2 11//1992 - 04//1994 Mo The Great Doyle Dr. Chud
  DELIVER US FROM EVIL            
    (No label)                                             1989

    1  Kryst The Conqueror | Thunder Thruster | Wherever I Roam | Valhalla
       Soldiers Of Light | Spellbound | In God We Trust
    2  Night Raiders | The Highlander | In My Dreams 
       March Of The Mega-Mites | Trial Of The Soul | Dr. Phibes Rises Again

  Format:    Cassette.
  Lineup:    [1] + Kryst The Conqueror:   Vocals
                 + Dave "The Snake" Sabo: Lead guitar (Track 12)
                 + Mo The Great:          Spoken "monster" voice (Tracks 1, 4)
  Notes:     This is an unreleased, unproduced recording that has never
             been officially distributed.  
    Mark: MCC-588; Cyclopean Music Inc. (cassette)         January 13, 1990
    Mark: MCD-588; Cyclopean Music Inc. (CD)               February 1, 1990
    1  Thunder Thruster | In God We Trust | Trial Of The Soul 
       March Of The Mega-Mites | Spellbound
    2  (blank)

  Format:    CD, Cassette.
  Pressing:  1st: 12,000 cassette copies.
             2nd: 10,000 CD copies.
  Sticker:   "Featuring: DOYLE & JERRY ONLY formerly of the MISFITS."
  Lineup:    [1] + Kryst The Conqueror:   Vocals
                 + Dave "The Snake" Sabo: Lead guitar (Track 5)
  Notes:     At the time of the EP's release, Jeff Scott Soto was under 
             contract to Yngwie Malmsteen and therefore had to remain 
             anonymous.  For this reason he was listed as Kryst The Conqueror
             on the insert.  There are two versions of the cassette inlay 
             card.  The most common version lists only the album title on the
             side.  Some of the later copies also list the band name in 
             smaller letters.   
    Mark: MCC-588; Mark: MCD-588; Cyclopean Music Inc.     February 1990

       DELIVER US FROM EVIL [Cassette]

  Format:    Plastic tray containing CD and Cassette.
  Insert:    10 Kryst The Conqueror bumper stickers and one pen-light.
  Lineup:    [1] + Kryst The Conqueror:   Vocals
                 + Dave "The Snake" Sabo: Lead guitar ("Trial Of The Soul")  
  Notes:     This special package was originally supposed to be available for
             Christmas 1989.  It was delayed until February when the CDs 
             became available.  It was only sold through the Doyle Fan Club
             and usually came with a free Kryst The Conqueror hat.

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