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The Lost Boys

In February 2000, Michale Graves and Dr. Chud announced they had left The Misfits. After some time away from the stage, Michale and Chud decided to play two live shows for fun. They performed as a duo on 05/20/2000 at Razzels in Seaside, NJ, and recruited J-Sin Trioxin of Mister Monster to play bass for them at Wine Cellar in Seaside, NJ on 05/26/2000. According to Michale, The Lost Boys was nothing more than a name they used to perform these two shows, and the "band" ceased to exist when Michale and Chud returned to The Misfits not long after these shows occurred. Michale has stated adamantly in interviews that The Lost Boys has no connection to Graves.

# Time Vocals/Guitar Bass Drums
1 05/20/2000 Michale Graves   Dr. Chud
2 05/26/2000 Michale Graves J-Sin Trioxin Dr. Chud

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