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The Migraines

The three members of The Migraines served as the backup band for Bobby Steele when he toured as The Undead in 1996. They also opened at all shows during that time period.

# Time Vocals/Guitar Bass Drums
1 1996 Eddie Van Migraine Jay Von Hack Atom Cheeze
2 1997 Eddie Van Migraine Jay Von Hack Tom Schizm

The Night Has Eyes

  1. The Night Has Eyes | Rittalin Boi | When The Evening Comes | I Want To Be A Ramone | Banana Chandelier | What's Wrong With You?
  2. (blank)

Sick Duck Records (1996)

20 numbered copies.

Producer: Mass Giorgini / Jeff Hansell / Eddie Van Migraine (tracks 2, 4-6)
Bobby Steele (tracks 1, 3)
Lineup: [1] (tracks 2, 4-6)
[1] + Bobby Steele: guitar (tracks 1, 3)

The Night Has Eyes

  1. The Night Has Eyes | When The Evening Comes
  2. The Men In Black | Riot In Tompkins Square (live)

Sick Duck Records: SD #003 (October 1997)

500 numbered black vinyl copies with black and white sleeve distributed by BP Distribution.


Sick Duck Records: SD #003 (February 1999)

500 white vinyl copies.

Insert: Recording information sheet.
Producer: Jeff Hansell (side 2)
Bobby Steele (side 1)
Lineup: [1] + Bobby Steele: guitar (tracks 1-2)
[2] (Live 03/23/1997 at CBGB's; New York, NY) + Bobby Steele (instead of Eddie Migraine): vocals (track 4)

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