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Roy Orbison

Music legend Roy Orbison recorded the Glenn Danzig-authored "Life Fades Away" in 1987.

Less Than Zero

cover art

  1. Life Fades Away
    You & Me (Less Than Zero)
Format: LP, CD, Cassette.
Promo: LP copy includes track listing and promotional gold stamp on back cover.
1st: Def Jam/Columbia: 7464 44042-1/2/4 (June 1987)
Released in US.
2nd: CBS/Def Jam Recordings: 460449-1/2/4 (June 1987)
Reissued in UK.
3rd: Columbia/Polygram: 314 527 360-2/4 (1995)
CD and cassette reissued in US.
Producer: Rick Rubin.
Lineup: [Roy Orbison] ("Life Fades Away")
[Glenn Danzig And The Power And Fury Orchestra] ("You & Me")
Notes: The soundtrack album incorrectly lists Glenn's first name as "Glen". It features the only credited songs that Glenn Danzig has co-written. "Life Fades Away" is credited to (Glenn Danzig, Roy Orbison), and "You & Me" is credited to (Glenn Danzig, Rick Rubin).

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