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Samhain (West Germany) / Deathrow

This West German band, also named Samhain, recorded two demo tapes before changing their name to Deathrow and releasing three albums.

Demo #1

  1. Plague Of The Messiah | Prince Of Evil | Salvation
CASSETTE (No label) (1985)

Demo #2

  1. Intro | Slaughtered | Violent Omen | Samhain
CASSETTE (No label) (1986)

Satan's Gift

  1. Winds Of Death | Satan's Gift | Rider's Of Doom | Hell's Ascent | Spider Attack
  2. Slaughtered | Violent Omen | Dark Tales | Samhain
LP Noise International (1986)
Released in West Germany.
Sticker: "Ex-Samhain."
Lineup: [Deathrow]
Notes: This album was later reissued with a different cover and the title Riders Of Doom due to its controversial cover. The band later released two other albums.

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