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The Reptile House

London May joined this band (his first) in 1982. After a five week tour of the US during the summer of 1985, he moved to New Jersey to join Samhain. The Reptile House continued on without him for another two years and later released an album called Listen To The Powersoul.

# Time Vocals Bass Lead Guitar Drums
1 1982 - 1984 Daniel V. Strasser Dave Rhodes Joe Goldsborough London May
2 1984 - 06//1985 Daniel V. Strasser Leigh Panlilio Joe Goldsborough London May
3 06//1985 - 07//1985 Daniel V. Strasser Joey Cirri Joe Goldsborough London May

Bouncing Babies

  1. Talons And Claws

Fountain Of Youth Records (1983)
Various artists compilation.

Lineup: [1]

I Stumble As The Crow Flies

  1. Keel-Haul Love | Social Champion
  2. Mrs. Rain | Sleestak Weather

Dischord Records: 15 3/4; Druidhill Records: 01 (1985)

1000 copies.

Producer: Ian MacKaye.
Lineup: [2]

Dim Glimmer: '82-'87

CD Merkin Records (1999)
Lineup: [1]
Notes: This CD contains all recordings made by The Reptile House.

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