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Rosemary's Babies

C.A., Eerie, and Big Ones graduated from Lodi High School in 1982. Post Mortem also went to Lodi High School and graduated in 1980. The band performed live about 6 or 7 times (including one show with The Misfits) before Post Mortem left. He was replaced by the band's roadie, Big Ones, who was with the band for 1 or 2 shows. When the band broke up, both Eerie and C.A. Richie rehearsed with Glenn Danzig as an early incarnation of Samhain. Post Mortem later went on to work with Chris Morance of Mourning Noise in a band called I'm Afraid. Two recordings of Rosemary's Babies shows are owned by band members, one on video, and one on audio tape. There is also an unreleased recording from the summer of 1983 of "Attack Of The Fifty Foot Cowboy" with Eerie on vocals, C.A. on guitar, and Steve Zing on bass and drums.

# Time Vocals Bass Lead Guitar Drums
1 03//1982 - 08//1983 J.R. Post Mortem C.A. Richie Eerie Von
2 08//1983 - 09//1983 J.R. Big Ones C.A. Richie Eerie Von

Blood Lust

front cover
back cover
vinyl side 1
vinyl side 2

  1. Blood Lust | I'm Gonna Be Sick | Happy Song | Inferior | Small Minds, Think Small
  2. Talking To The Dead | Sanctioned Violence | Let's Molest 10 Yr. Olds | One Dead Low-Life | That's Alright, That's O.K.
Test: 4 black vinyl copies.

Ghastly Records: RB0001 (Summer 1983)

1000 red vinyl copies.

Insert: Lyric sheet, order form, flyer, stickers (randomly inserted).
Producer: Rosemary's Babies.
Lineup: [1]
Notes: The red lettering on the sleeve was done by Eerie Von. Eerie later sold copies without the red lettering. Each copy came with the lyric sheet and one or more other inserts (order form, flyer) that were randomly inserted. Later copies also came with a band photo sticker featuring Big Ones, who had replaced Post Mortem. Jerry Only, Doyle, and Glenn Danzig of The Misfits are included on the cover. This record was pressed at PRI Record Pressing plant in Long Island, NY at the same time as the Glenn Danzig Who Killed Marilyn? colored vinyl reissue. At least one of the test presses (owned by Jerry Pardue) has the eyes of the band members hand-colored in red.

Talking To The Dead

  1. What I Hate
    Talking To The Dead
    Sex Maniac
    One Dead Low-Life
    I Vote Yes
    Happy Song
    Attack Of The 50ft Cowboy
    Sounds Of Death
    I'm Gonna Be Sick
    You Just Don't Rate
    Alice In Murderland
    That's Alright, That's OK
    Let's Molest
    Fake Babies
    Dead Zone
    Small Minds Think Small
    Becky Bondage
    Blood Lust
    The Green Hornet Theme
    Fake Babies
    Alice In Murderland
    Talking To The Dead
    That's Alright, That's OK
    Small Minds Think Small
    The Sounds Of Death (instrumental)
CD Ghastly Records: 8 25346 12592 3 (2004)
Lineup: [1]
Notes: These songs were recorded in 1982-1983 and remastered for release in 2004. Tracks 21-25 were recorded live at CBGB's NYC May 15, 1983.

Tour Dates

Date Venue Location Notes
J.R. - vocals | Post Mortem - bass | C.A. Richie - guitar | Eerie Von - drum
05/15/1983 CBGB New York, NY
06/19/1983 Great Gildersleeves New York, NY (with The Misfits, DYS)
06/__/1983   Boston, MA (with Psycho)
07/__/1983 The Love Club Philadelphia, PA (with Scream)

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