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S.O.D. fans might know that on the Live At Budokan album, Billy Milano says the following before "Speak English Or Die," "This next song is dedicated to that kid, my friend Ronnie Paci from Sardonica." After Dr. Chud left the band, they put out several releases on Sal Bee's Mutant Punk Label. Sal also sang for Jerry and Doyle at practice for several years before The Misfits officially reformed. Sardonica opened for The Misfits many times in 1996.

# Time Vocals Bass Guitar Drums
1 1990 - 1992 Sal Bee Ron Paci Fish Dr. Chud
2 1993 - 1996 Sal Bee Sal Bee Ken Fisher Mike Miller
3 04//1997 - Sal Bee Sal Bee Larry Mike Miller

Your Own Back Yard

  1. Something's Got To Give
  2. Soul Seller
7" Mutant Punk Label: IV (1992)
Red or gold vinyl copies.
CD Mutant Punk Label: IX (1997)
CD copies.
Insert: Lyric sheet.
Producer: Doug Holland.
Lineup: [1] + The Crunch: Guest guitar (track 2)

Flip The Grill

  1. Plank Spank | Mommy Made Luv To An Alien
Format: Cassette, CD.
Pressing: Mutant Punk Label (September 1999)
Producer: Dr. Chud.
Lineup: [3].
Notes: Michale Graves wrote "Plank Spank" and sang "Mommy Made Luv To An Alien," which was written by Dr. Chud. The album was also produced by Dr. Chud.

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