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Sheppard Pratt

London May formed Sheppard Pratt in 1994. When he moved to Kentucky in early 1995, he formed a new Sheppard Pratt, which later evolved into his next band, The Amazing Chan Clan.

# Time Vocals Bass Guitar Drums
1 1994 Danny Girl Kevin Swinson London May London May
2 1995 Stephanie Wendy Gilbert London May Jae Brown
3 02//1995 - 04//1995 Carrie Hale Nole London May Jae Brown

Sheppard Pratt

  1. Black Hair Sarah | Budapest | Pink Sock | My Sad Friend | Shipwreck Song | Green Canon | Roadside | The Rake | Magpie Wedding March | Hide
CD: Tinker Records: TK94CD086 (December 1994)
2000 copies.
Producer: Kid Congo Powers.
Lineup: [1] + Danny Girl: Bass
Notes: The back cover of the sleeve lists Jenny Wren as the drummer. Since the band didn't actually have a drummer at that time, London May used Jenny Wren as a pseudonym.

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